Galaxy S10 One UI 2.0 TIPS & TRICKS!

Samsung has released One UI 2.0 on their galaxy phones, and I thought it would be a cool idea to do a TIPS AND TRICKS video showing you guys whats new with one ui 2.0 and how to better your samsung galaxy s10 experience.

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  1. Did anyone notice the change in slow motion videos? Now the files are being saved as 30fps thus cannot be properly edited using video editors… Any solutions?

  2. Please help!..S9-Plus…got certain apps that use to do an intelligent iris/face scan automatically to open up…since update now it first asks if I wanna do a finger print, iris , face or intelligent iris/face scan before it opens….which defeats the purpose of the scan if I have to press with finger to chose one..might as well just use fingerprint…..
    How can I shut this off??

  3. Dude where are the tips…whatever you showed is basically what we do everyday…wasted my time thinking there will be atleast one tip…should have named the video to 'if you new than these are the most know tips', what the heck man

  4. I installed hardware info app. Even Antutu. But my s10+ still showing 2 rear cameras instead of 3 according to antutu device info and showing front camera 10 MP and 6.5 MP instead of 8 MP?

    Is it normal or any issue?

  5. turn down the exposure, i can't see the phone screen very well. good video tho, really helpful

  6. Am I the only one who prefers the one ui 1.0 gestures better than the new ones?

    I use Samsung pay so it gets in the way on the home screen for gestures. Also, when texting, trying to go back results in typing letters accidentally.

    I like the animations, but it's just not practical

  7. Samsung S9 update today 1/28/20 ( Andriod 10, One UI 2.0 }, thank you for your video

  8. Mark, actually you can swipe between apps even if the gesture hint is turned off. Just have to swipe up by just a hair and then quickly to side ways

  9. This video shud be renamed to
    "10 Years iPhone User Review Tips & Tricks on One UI 2.0" 😂😂
    U've come a long wayyyy Mark, good stuff always 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  10. Hey Mark, are you back on Android? How is the camera quality after Android 10 on Samsung S10 Plus?

  11. Really nice tips! Just subbed! Keep these nice vids up 🙂

  12. Ive been using s10+ for a year and i gotta say that this is the best phone i had. Still fast, no lags,no scratch( not using any screen protectors) now with OneUI 2.0 it became faster and snappier. No regrets obviously 😍

  13. I think I just came when I see the bezzelless display. Samsung is a god among kings in phones

  14. The beard is growing on me, I'm starting to like it
    Well, it's actually growing on you but let's keep it a secret

  15. Lol "you and your buddies girlfriend are studying for chemistry" Sure, thats what you told him anyways…

  16. Why would they remove the swiping between apps on the classic navigation bar? Seems like more of an effort to remove this feature than leave it as it was and just update the new stuff. Just got the update this morning and I absolutely hate the fact that a) I cannot use the swipe right from the home button to navigate between apps and b) I cannot use the new (single) navigation bar with my launcher. Holy shit these minor issuer irk me a lot. Seriously considering rolling back to 9.

  17. PlZ make a video on one ui 2 on note 9 bcoz i am getting worse battery time after uodate 😪😪

  18. Thanks for your video.
    Quite interesting and educational. Developer option and animations speed was useful.

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