Galaxy Note 10 Plus – Tips to Dramatically Increase Your Battery Life

In this video, I will share 10 tips to dramatically increase your battery life on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus. You can also use these features on your Galaxy S10/S10 Plus as well.

Now the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus do have great battery life and super fast 25W and 45W charging, but sometimes we just need to know how to extend battery life if we are stranded.

So let’s dive in and discover some awesome tips and features.



  1. After 6 Months of note 10plus battery performance has been come to 15 to 20 percent . I have done all the settings what u have mentioned in video . From India

  2. How have you got a day battery life I get 13 hours on full charge

  3. Turtle plus.
    Totally disappointed with my Note 10 plus. No matter what you do it is a turtle processor. For the first time in 20 years, and as a note fan since note-II, I can comfortably say: Samsung No More!

  4. Currently watching this on my note 10+ cause my ass thought I put it on charge last night and passed out on the Xanax lmao now ya boy only got 46% going on a date no charger I got this now boysssss

  5. I dont have the "show control on top" for the brightness and I have the note 10 plus:(

  6. Display might report as high as 75% of battery usage, but that's not including the hidden battery drainers. The reality is more like 20% screen 80% CPU battery usage on modern phones (though the software won't be honest and tell you otherwise).

  7. Hi…is it normal my note 10 plus battery drain so very fast when it reaches 20% way down to 3% just like that…please can some one help

  8. The Tipp with the Resolution is wrong dont mater what u chose hd+ or wqhd takes same Enery maybe 1% through the day

  9. Good video,but the screen resolution has almost 0% impact on battery life. It has been tested with identical note 10+'s and a battery drain test. The end result was the one with WQHD died seconds before the one that had FHD+ . so why not to get the most of the 1100$ phone display?

    P.S. I don't mean to be rude,just my own opinion. With the rest I totally agree. Cheers

  10. You spend your money for the best phone, why not get the best of it? I set my phone High Performance Mode i want the best resolution 1440p n brightness and off something i don't use. Anyway i have 45W charger and outlet everywhere, we live in the city not amzon forest. And yes about you, 2020 why still upload 1080p? Are u live in slow internet? Cant upload 1440p?

  11. 10 mins video, your battery dropped 3% (from 98% to 95%)……

  12. Battery life on the note 10 plus is pretty bad anyways. The Spen drains alot even when not in use. Standby time is non existent compare to an S10 plus changing screen resolution only saves like 10-20mins.

  13. I have the note 10 and 3/4 of the tips you're giving I don't have the option of doing, what the hell!

  14. Hi
    After the Android 10 Update my Phone is giving me 17 hour not 1 day like earlier before Android 10 update
    Iam using a note 10 plus

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