Galaxy Note 10 Plus Battery Life and Performance Tips and Tricks

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has incredible performance and battery life right out of the box but if you want to squeeze a little more out of your phone then this is my Galaxy Note 10 Plus Tips and Tricks For Better Battery Life and More Speed. If you want to see a battery test before I applied these settings and then after let me know in the comment section. For a more detailed Note 10 Plus performance test stay tuned! Also, stay tuned for my in depth Galaxy Note 10 Plus review, and my S10 Plus…


  1. Thank you so much. My note 4 finally died, got the star wars note 9. Your tips were great.

  2. Damn, as soon as I turned the edge panel off, my battery has been ridiculously long lasting. And your right, I never use it anymore like I used to when it first came out

  3. Thank you so much for the info, I really appreciated it and followed it to a T. Keep up the great work, it's very helpful. Thanks again.

  4. Haha.. wow… I've been naming my wifi FBI Surveillance Van since I started getting routers… Haha… We have the same taste sir… Well done.

  5. Managed to lower my recharge frequency to once per 4 days, using no less than 10% and no more than 80% charge cycles.
    The main ingredient after disabling a few vendor packages, is an app called Naptime – which greatly extended my day to day use between charges.

  6. Is it called “Turn on reduce animation” or is it called “turn off reduce animation”

  7. The unlock one you got from Samsung is the best one. Maybe you can't use Wi-Fi calling who cares I rather have the unlocked one from Samsung no bloatware Patrick carrier can't

  8. thank you so much for this video! I've set up some of the tips you suggested, and hopfully, it will improve my battery life!

  9. My battery life is crap changed all the settings started watching YouTube with 89% 30mins later its 80% the battery sucks had this phone today already had to charge it a second time in a day .

  10. Oh wow. I thought the switch to data when wifi is weak or unstable was an iOS only thing. Luckily I stumbled on this thanks to your tutorial.

  11. I cant tell if it helps or harms, but I run my phone dead near everyday. Definitely turning off that bluetooth setting though.

  12. You literally killed its being smartphone just to save battery? Go buy Nokia 3210.😂😂😂

  13. My note 10 plus drains 1% few minutes after unplug it. Is that normal?

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