Fun Run 2 – Multiplayer – Cheats and Hacks for Android/IOS

This is just a gameplay for this Fun Run game.
Please STOP to Cheat or Hack the games. it’s stupid……really….


  1. Look at how many people disliked the video because they came here for cheats. Over 1000 people. This fun run 2 game is ruined

  2. You fucking loser cheaters have ruined fun run 2. I go from winning 65 percent of the games to 18? Fuck you cheaters…I'm on to you. All the blue…gold or the other high rank stars are cheaters. They always have the right power ups at the right time …and that's not the way the game works. More people need to report the cheaters. Report the fucking cheaters

  3. SOMEONE GIVE ME A GIFT ON FUN RUN 2 my username is ShadowBolt301 😘

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