FREE Hulu on Any Android Device no root or hacking no hulu plus required!

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Grab the app and more info here:

Enjoy Hulu on your android device! No hacking or rooting or modding of the stock framework required to enjoy free hulu on your mobile device. This works on any android device with Flash 11! Simple and easy to use!


  1. Does not work now since hulu has updated there site so take this vid down please

  2. This was working fine on my bionic until about a week ago. Now when asking for login and password, bionic won't allow to type in. ???

  3. This used to work fine, but hasn't for a couple of months now. If anyone figured out how to make it work with ics I'd like to hear how.

  4. You used to be able to in the beginning of Android, and in my case the end of Windows Mobile 6.1. Hulu decided to block everything that was mobile and charge for mobile viewing. Now you have to pay. Its not that the devices do not support it. The message they give you is bullshit. They are working hard to find out how to charge for the service. I used to watch cops on hulu on much much less powerful devices. IE ppc 6700 via skyfire browser. My friend had a my touch and was jealous.

  5. not free – should re-title it "cheap" or "for $0.99." SO a little misleading, unless you plan on having folks pirate the APK for this app…

  6. This does not work on Motorola Xoom at this time. I tried several uninstall and install and it locks up.

  7. T-Mobile 3g/4g isn't slow ๐Ÿ™‚ check out the DS emulator n more cool videos on my channel. Thumbs up and sub.

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