Fortnite Mobile SUPPORTED Android Devices

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EXCLUSIVE Fortnite Android Launch On The Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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  1. I am sorry to say but i have a LG dont know number my mom have this phone in 2018-2020 and she still have it so can you tell me if i still could play fortnite on this LG?

  2. Wow i could have fortnite so many times i had j7 prime samsung a7 and note 9 i legit dumb i bought iphone 6

  3. I have a Samsung galaxy a5 butt fortnite dosent work

  4. Idk I feel like its more of a iOS thing than android cuz you need to have the specific phones for android like the Samsung Galaxy s7 and upwards 😕

  5. its very funny because fortnite is compatible with huawei P8/9 lite but isn't with P30 gg

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