Fortnite Mobile: A Beginner's Guide – Tips & Tricks

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  1. The game is bollocks dont get why its popular…. pray n spray your target… i played on mobile n compared to pubg mobile it is laaaaame as fck… im 33 yrs old been playing fps games for yrs…. its too cartoony controls are sht, the map is layout is sht… aiming is sooo baad lol just gv me a scar L with a red dot site asappp lol….

  2. Every time I play, it’s like I am so afraid to shoot. I am just thinking about my life right now. x3

  3. Wow u make it look easy I've only gotten 2 kills in my fornite life lmfao😂

  4. I succ at fortnite but get thw win chiken diner on pubg mobile 😉

  5. I like the game but there are bugs with chests and ammo boxes that ruin the point of them (when you tap on the chest/ammo box you either shoot or swing half the time)

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