Fortnite: Galaxy S10 vs Nintendo Switch vs iPhone X Graphics Comparison

Fortnite Season 8: Samsung Galaxy S10 vs iPhone X vs Nintendo Switch – Graphic Comparison
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  1. Android is laggy because everyone knows that its harder to make games for android than IOS so that's why the S10 looks laggier

  2. I rlly wish CAPES would have MOVEMENT on switch tho. That would be epic yk cus when everything's so stiff it's ugly asf. Switch just has a lot of issues and glitches that not a lot of people know about. If you play on switch you will know the cancer 🤦‍♀️

  3. Switch custom Tegra X1 is very powerful indeed, it has more than 1 tflops of graphical power in comparison to sd 855's adreno (940 gflops) and a12 (around 1 tflops), even though it has weaker CPU but the GPU still takes everything to the limit.
    Therefore switch will always be better, basically a Nvidia GT 1030, unless you compare with latest Apple A13 or SD 865.

  4. The switch isnt that good it runs horribly the iphone x is better it has 60 fps compared to the unchangeable 30 on the switch

  5. I wish nintendo switch gets 60fps and I hope epic games fixes the s10e fps lag crashes and phone overheating or i going to have to use my Nintendo switch 🙁

  6. I was expecting the s10 to win, but nevermind, my switch is more powerful?

  7. switch is a device dedicated for games, expect same games always run better on the switch.

  8. Switch victory easily over Iphone 11 and Galaxy S10 in portable gaming…that's the fact…Switch already have superior API, SOC optimisation and so on that current smartphones didn't have

  9. U lier…u set low graphics and fps on s10…and made like s10 fornight trash…..who r u fooling dumb

  10. Why did you not do a video with an better iphone like iPhone XR , iPhone XS.. because the iphone X it’s the phone of 2017 and the s10 it’s the phone of 2019 🙂

  11. 1st place: Nintendo Switch

    2nd place: IPhone X

    3rd place: Galaxy S10

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