Fortnite Android Device Requirements! (Does your device meet them?)

Fortnite on Android devices is only around the corner. Before we get straight into the game, we probably want to see if we can run them first – don’t we? This video walks through the requirements needed and offers help to you if you need it.

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  1. Galaxy Amp Prime 2?
    I mean i am sure that it meets the requirements but it still says device not supported -_-
    Edit: nvm i just found out its ram is 1.5 GB instead of its requirement of 3GB –______________

  2. Also note that it will not be on Google play store it will be apk download from fortnite website

  3. Kindle Fire HD8 with Google play store on it it's higher than a 5 and runs on 64 bit storage is 64 gigs I think

  4. Hi Pugsie, I was wondering if you could leak the Road Trip skin some time closer to when it comes out? That would be great

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