Fortnite Android Beta System Requirements

Wondering if Fortnite for Android will work on your Android phone? In my last video I showed you some in app gameplay on my Galaxy S9 Plus but there are other phones that support Fortnite for Android Beta. Let’s talk about that.

Fortnite Beta Signup:

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  1. Chill guys. Your phone will be able to play soon. Probably in September Fortnite will run on all android phones.

  2. My phone has 6Gb of ram
    Android 8.1.0 stock
    Snapdragon 636 and adreno 509 will fortnite run on my device??

  3. Version :5.1
    Core :Octa-core
    Ram :3GB RAM
    GPU :Mali-T720

    Please answer

  4. So basically as long as your phone can has 3gb ram and android 8.0 you can get fortnite mobile. If I'm correct

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