Flutter MacOS Catalina – Installation of Flutter and Setup on MAC – Flutter Tutorial 2020 – Dart SDK

In this video tutorial you will learn about how to install and setup flutter for app development on mac os catalina , you will learn the complete step by step installation of flutter and setup on mac os catalina. After when we install flutter on mac os catalina , then we will also configure flutter sdk in android studio and we will create our first flutter app in mac os catalina for android and ios.

This is a complete guide on setup and install flutter on mac. We will set flutter and…


  1. Steps to Follow in setting Flutter Path:
    1. write in terminal
    vim ~/.zshrc
    2. set the path as it is shown in video like
    export PATH="$PATH:/Users/writeYourMacUserNameHere/Desktop/flutter/bin"
    3. press
    Escape button
    4. write
    5. press Enter

  2. Thanks for the detailed video! I have a question though. When setting a new device and trying to run the app it says no devices detected. And the phone I set up wont show in the tab where you select. I tried the iphone emulator through terminal and that did work, automatically detected by android studio, although I got an iPhone SE 2nd gen. Do you know what the problem might be in the android devices not showing up?

  3. Thank you very much for the tutorial. I admit that I carried around, but this tutorial really made the difference after hours of research. Anyone looking for a solution ends up finding it!

  4. MacBook-Pro ~ % flutter –version
    zsh: command not found: flutter
    MYNAME@MYNAMESs-MacBook-Pro ~ %

    please help me install whats wrong i followed everything you said and it is on my desktop

  5. Excellent tutorial for absolute beginners on how to install flutter on mac catalina. Waiting for more tutorials on flutter. Keep going.

  6. i have problem , i can not create project ! it is say /Users/mashael/AndroidStudioProjects/application: no pubspec.yaml foun

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