Flutter: Android App Bundle Step By Step Guide

In this video, I will explain what is android app bundle, how useful it is and how to use it to deploy the best apps. You will also support both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures using app bundle.

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  1. Thanks. And I need to know the configuration for Mac which you're using coz it is amazing faster while I'm having a tortoise configuration.

  2. Thank you. Kindly put video for in-app purchase, especially managed, non consumable case – there is no proper guidance now

  3. when i was uploaded the appbundle in playstore the app crashes when it startup in android after published in playstore can u help me

  4. Thanks for the video. My app bundle size is 20 MB but in play store also it is showing as same while updating the app 🙁

  5. very helpful videos..
    can you please show the use of deep links in flutter..

  6. if some one share this app then i think it will be sent Original size like 15 MB not 7 Mb am i right sir

  7. Brother! Is key store essential for this process or i can build app bundle without key store?

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