Flexible Tripod Stand for Phones, Camera's and More

Flexible Tripod Stand for Phones is so easy to use and great for soo many options. You can alter and change the way it holds and stands. Daisen tech Octopus Style Portable and adjustable Tripod Stand Holder for iPhone, Cellphone ,Camera with Universal Clip and Remote (Black)


The tripod is designed and developed for speedy popularization of compact digital camera. It firmly ensures that your camera can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Every cameraman…


  1. My one of the tripod's three legs broke, it turns out that its legs can not bend so securely, bullshit 🙁

  2. Does it point down? For example, if I'm at my desk doing nails will it point down at my desk and show what I'm doing? I hope this makes sense lol. Great video.

  3. I'm excited for mines I just placed a order for the blue one and can't wait receive it

  4. That's nice, I need to get me one for when I record my YouTube videos instead of having to hold my phone

  5. (New Subscriber) Great job keep it up! Also guys please subscribe to my channel!

  6. Thank you.  Your video helped a lot!  There were no instructions with my ubru and the website was not helpful.

  7. I ordered a MiMax2 smartphone in this store.
    I paid the purchase through WordPay on the site.
    Instead of a smartphone, a sand was sent in the parcel.
    The unfair seller!

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