Fix HP laser printer if crashed, stuck on initializing, or turns off for no reason

I’m going to show you how to fix your HP laserjet AIO printer if it shows symptoms like locking up (like this). Or turning itself off for no reason. Or getting stuck half way through initialization like this. Mine did all of these. Here’s what I did to fix it. It requires an oven, and a soldering iron; it’s a good idea to have a proper thermometer too. You need to remove the side cover. There’s a screw on the back, and underneath there’s a locking tab than needs to be pushed in. If you’ve…


  1. This worked perfectly for me. I have the same printer. I just remove the battery before the oven.
    Thanks very much

  2. This method worked in my Hp laserjet M1523 as well.

    Thank you really much!
    Regards from Argentina

  3. I lost my battery is. Is it still OK to reinstall the board in my printer with out it?

  4. I baked the Mainboard yesterday, the Printer worked perfect afterwards.. thx. This is how YouTube Avoid electronic waste. My board hasn't a Battery, probably because of Missing Fax Feature.

  5. Success story today!
    I baked that motherboard yesterday at maybe 200C (it was an old oven so it might have been even hotter). I was too lazy to remove the battery and after 7 minutes of baking the battery actually split apart. I kept it in the oven for a full 8 minutes (on baking paper). I also didn't bother to protect the ethernet port (we use the USB port).
    Once the board cooled, I clipped the battery pieces (nodes) off and reinstalled the board in the printer. I didn't even bother screwing it in, I was sure this was a wasted effort…
    BUT it initialized successfully!!! I did a test-print with MS Word and it worked flawlessly (without a battery!)
    Maybe the battery is only needed if you print using the ethernet port – the battery might only be responsible for saving the networking settings. I use USB so I didn't have to set up the ethernet.

  6. Thank you so much for this video! We opened up the printer, removed the board, removed the battery, baked it at exactly 350 F for exactly 8 mins, cool down for 30 mins, put the battery back, put the board back, and plugged everything back in. OMG, it printed! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. I have just done it… it works like a charm…. I removed the battery from the board, heat up the oven at 150 C degree and put it in at a class plate.. waitied for about 15 minutes…. got it out, soldered the battery back.

    wonderful. It copies, prints and scans like new

    Thanks for your useful clip

  8. I have the HP LaserJet M1522 MFP. Fault was; In 2012 – printer was stuck when upgrading firmware. But strongly suggest you follow below steps.

    Step 1. Read below
    <<< : When we see "Firmware Corrupt Ready 2 Download" we should do as follows:

    TURN PRINTER'S POWER OFF (USB should stay connected)
    Delete installed driver (if exists)
    Manually install driver for your printer (When choosing port, use one of "Virtual Printer Ports for USB" which is your printer connected to)
    Run firmware update program from HP Support web page (PRINTER IS OFF)
    In firmware update program's window choose your printer (manually installed) and press "Send Firmware" button
    Wait for firmware to be completely sent to your printer's task window
    First you will see "Firmware Corrupt Ready 2 Download" message. If there is no such message, turn off and on again until it shows. Then message will change to "Downloading…", "Erasing…" and "Programming…"
    When all this operations end, printer will ask you to turn it off and on.

    That's all. No need to contact HP Support or buy any parts.

    P.S. While "Downloading…", "Erasing…" or "Programming…", printer may hang. It's not fatal. Just repeat all operations again. To prevent hangs use quality USB cable when updating firmware.

    Step 2. Before put in stove you will have to succeed step no1. It means factory firmware needs to be successfully installed in nvram.

    Step 3. However firmware installed correctly (Sometimes firmware process stucks in "downloading" or "erasing" or "programming" stages – mine was stuck more than 100 times.) But follow step 5 only after succeed firmware upgrade.
    Step 4. However firmware successfully upgraded, you will see that after booted up the printer will very often automatically turn off (basically it's not turning off, just LCD screen is blank and no operation). Now you can follow this video.
    Step 5. Follow this video, 180 gradus 7 minutes is enough. Don't forget to use AluFolie to protect plastic section of board including capacitors.

    Pay attention:
    1 – if printer was not stuck in firmware upgrade you can skip Step 1,2 – no issue – follow video.
    2 – if printer was stuck in firmware upgrade you will have to follow Step 1,2 and my instruction.

    Today I successfully restored this stuff after 7 years 🙂

  9. Thanks for this spectacular video and for sharing your knowledge.

  10. Excellent job with the voice over throughout the video. Clear and concise instructions. This little trick will take care of my printer issues until I find a new multi function printer. Thank you very much!

  11. I tried the same but unfortunately still not working and Hewlett Packard message is still on the screen of my printer, I need next experience___PLEASE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  12. Great Andy ! Also worked for me, I was thinking on buying a new printer but this incredible trick saved me and my money, Thanks a lot 🙂

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