Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac (Samsung Devices)

How to Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac (Samsung Devices). Got this warning? Could not connect to device. Try reconnect. Or restart your device.

First, unplug your phone from the usb port.
Next, you need to uninstall the Samsung Kies. Follow this link from Samsung website and Download the package to install on your mac.

Next, click to un-install, to remove any driver from your mac.

Next, as…


  1. I've been using this app for almost 6 years and it just stopped working yesterday. I've tried many things to get it to work again but it always says Device not Found. Any other ideas? I've uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, looked at Android site, called Apple, called Verizon……

  2. Tried out Samsung DEX and didn't like it—and even though I uninstalled it, AFT stopped working. This worked perfectly. Thank you!

  3. wow after hours of reading articles, watching other videos, and trying a million things like different cables, FINALLY something that works. WTF so difficult just to access this feature on my phone. crazy

  4. If you are trying to transfer files to your Mac from a Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, or S10….would highly recommend using Smart Switch. Download the application to your Mac from the Samsung website…It transfers a lot faster too! I just found this out like right now….lol

  5. Thats just it i am not using mac im using windows. Why is my my phone saying that i need android file transfer for mac????

  6. Thanks buddy its being a very best n easy solution to fix it. I've being trying for last one week to fix it but this method helped me. But in 2019 kies is replaced by Smart switch so it has the same procedure so not a big deal.👍🏻

  7. This garbage of Samsung means no more Samsungs when they don't fix the problem of working with Macs.

  8. Did not work…followed the steps exactly more than once…what is going on?? Never had this problem until recently and I have had the cell phone and mac for over 3 years.

  9. Mac still can't verify that the program is not malicious. waste of time. don't try this.

  10. Best advice so far .. been on hundreds of videos, tried everything, but uninstalling Samsung Kies (which is Smart Switch in 2019) was Genius.
    (I run a galaxy S10 on Mojave)

  11. Awesome. Thanks for this tutorial and it is really worked! This problem troubled me for weeks.

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