FiLMiC Pro Tutorial: Shoot Video with iPhone and Android like a PRO!

Learn to shoot video with iPhone and Android like a PRO in this Complete FiLMiC Pro Tutorial! *** FREE Guide to Filming Amazing Videos on Smartphone! ► Android: ► iPhone:

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FiLMiC Pro:
► on iPhone:
► on Android:…


  1. Hi Justin, I have a Pixel 3. But for I Phone users, the reviews for android were not very pleasing. What is your word. Also, thanks for this basics! Makes life easy for enthusists.

  2. Thanks for the video. I am researching Filmic Pro and thinking of purchasing it. Do you know the highest bitrate for 720p of filmic pro? I am always using 720p to save space but 720p for Samsung is only 9 Mbps. I would like to know the bitrate of filmic pro for 720p at highest setting.

  3. The other question I have is that when I flip the camera to film myself it is all weird and upside down. 🙂

  4. Jason thanks for the video. I have some questions.
    -my videos go straight to my photos. I am having trouble airdropping from my iphone to my ipad where I do my editing? I edit in imovie.

  5. Nice video! Just a question! I record with android and have an ipad to mirror. Which app to use? Also have an android tablet just in case. Thanks in advance

  6. i do leather crafting and want to show how i make protects, can i start and stop a vides as i am making it. note8

  7. Great video on how to FILM with Filmic Pro; now I need a how to EDIT with Filmic Pro. I have not found a concise & through (like you do) of how to edit on Filmic Pro from my Android device. Can you point me in the right direction?

  8. Your videos are SO GREAT. Thank you for your generosity. You are helping me so much. And, thanks for your kind spirit.

  9. While not as handy, if you have an Apple Watch filmic gives you a free app to make sure your shot is lined up. You spend $30 for the app and the cinematography kit then they want another $10 for the remote app

  10. I realize this video is a bit old, but it seems like manually adjusting focus and brightness/exposure is not possible if you are recording video in "selfie" mode. Is there a way around this without having to use the remote app? I record most of my videos on my own with no one to help me.

  11. Filmic pro is ok as long as you as not filming yourself, but soon as you are the object to be filmed? you'll be better of with the native cam app 'cos God forbid you have to shoot multiple times, it'll make you go crazy. It's not easy to set up.

  12. What about audio settings? This isn’t complete without that detail. A lot of new video creators need to learn about audio leveling on their devices. Do you have a tutorial about that with filmic pro?

  13. Quick thing. Can you adjust exposure and focusing while recording? Like rack focusing? Great video. Very descriptive 👍

  14. I've really like your video. It's my first time using this application and it just a must for a beginner like myself to use it.

  15. Whats the pros and cons of setting the color and lighting ect if i am going to do some editing on final cut pro after i record?

  16. You forgot to talk about ISO and Shutter speed. And tyeh work strange on this app.

  17. Ping! New skill, tips, techniques stored! …after watching your video! Thank you GTJ, Great Teacher Justin!

  18. Thank you, Justin, for this very helpful tutorial. I have subscribed to your channel and appreciate the knowledge and enthusiasm you bring to video production. Thank you again.

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