FiLMiC Pro + Movi Cinema Robot Tutorial (iOS & Android)

Learn how to master FiLMiC Pro’s powerful integration with the Freefly Movi Cinema Robot gimbal in this tutorial. FiLMiC Pro provides complete manual control directly from the Movi in addition to full control over the Cinema Robot’s response and window speeds.

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  1. Aww man I’ve been looking forward to this for months!!! Thank you Filmic Pro!!!!!!

  2. Hello ! I’d like to know if FiLMiC Pro (by far my favorite video app) is soon gonna work with the DJI Osmo mobile 3 ? Thank you !

  3. Are you able to perform timelapses through FILMIC using the MOVI?

    I'm interested in finally delving into videography after I had to bench it as a hobby over a decade ago. I'm a hefty guy and prefer a heftier gimbal with a higher weight threshold (which the Freefly MOVI seems to have over every single other mobile gimbal, unless you have another suggestion) so I can use my Note10+ and some Movement lenses, however I've heard ABYSMAL things about the MOVI application and that they've left Android users high and dry (a real cry in shame). Because of that, Android users have been relegated to unsupportive apps and lose a lot of functionality of the gimbal adjustments and modes like timelapse.

  4. Thank you. I love the Movi. Use it all the time. But I do wish there was a way to control the zoom function on the Movi

  5. Great video, definitely learned a lot! Can you tell me why Filmic Pro won't let me take my 'response' and 'window' inputs to zero whereas the Movi App allows for that? I'm seeing a faster response time on the Movi app than in Filmic and that's sometimes crucial to what I'm filming.

  6. its awesome app but if you develop a feature that stabilize the dark and white glarenss at a same in multi environment then its a top app in the world. It needs more options like dynamic, flat, log v2. what I expect it must be looks like normal picture but that dark and white should be corrected as like as normal. I hope my ideas will help you more.

  7. Great additions here for MoviCR users! Hoping to see other Movi modes added (especially the Echo mode that allows prescribed moves from point A to point B).

  8. Yes!!!

    One thing that I noticed the horizon drifts sometimes when panning, it’s not much, and returns slowly to level after a few seconds. I have a feeling that might be a slight algorithm issue with the gimbal…but in the event that it is an app issue, any ideas on how to correct the minor horizon imbalance while panning?

    I noticed if I reset the robot, it keeps horizon perfectly for 5 min or so, then ever so slightly starts to lose the horizon by a few degrees then the slow crawl back to level.

  9. Balancing is not a breeze if you want to use a lens and lens case which require counter balance weights and it can be a time consuming act of frustration.

  10. Breeze to balance? Not really when you want to use a wide angle lens such as Moments 18mm v2 and case. Balancing with the counter weights is a challenge to say the least.

  11. I don’t understand how everyone gets the audiolevel bars on the right of the screen in FiLMiC pro

  12. My Samsung A70 can't record in 60fps using Filmic. Is there any solution for this?

  13. What an amazing combo the Filmic Pro app and Movi Freefly gimbal, sure looks like the future of mobile filmmaking is here!

  14. Hello Filmic pro team, I own a Galaxy s9+ and want to know if there are limits to the app with the phone. Compared to ios? Or does it have the same features as ios version? Thanks

  15. Thanks for the tutorial! Hopefully filmic pro supports 60fps log soon. Is it a hardware limitation?

  16. Ironically, this video explains Movi control buttons better than Movi does. Their tutorials are bare bones to say the least. If anyone can aim me at a link I'd be very appreciative. Thanks.

  17. so when i boot up both apps and the movi, i cannot access the different modes in the movi app while in the filmic pro app. when i tap the mode, it changes to a snowflake like icon and nothing happens. am i doing something wrong?  i mean once paired i can see the movi icons at the top center of screen but nothing happens when i hit mode…

  18. Thanks for this first rate video. The combination of FiLMIC Pro and the Movi gimbal is perfect. Lots to learn for me in the next few months.

  19. Having a few issues: Filmic Pro control appear on bottom in portrait mode and not at the bottom when holding the camera in vertical mode … orientation lock is not chosen … also Filmic Pro does not pair with the Movi although it does appear as a choice in the Filmic Pro settings.

  20. Hello, when using movi cinema robot and iphone xs, do we need to deactivate stabilization in the filmic pro apps?

  21. I am able to lock tilt but cannot unlock it, once locked. I am unable to unlock the roll at all. Using a Note 9, btw.

  22. any hope for developing subject tracking for the movi cinema robot? it’s been a requested feature since this gimbal’s release but never implemented by them.

  23. Sold my Zhiyun Smooth 4, which worked very well with Filmic Pro, until I needed to add my MoonDog Anamorphic lens and filter set up, microphone. Just ordered the Movi as soon as I found out that it is now integrated in hardware support in Filmic Pro 🙂

  24. I cant get my NOTE 9 and Movi to work together. Is this a universal issue or am I an idiot?

  25. This update came at THE perfect time! Just started to film tutorials using Filmic Pro, Movi, iPhoneX and Moment lenses, it's such a great experience! THANK YOU FILMIC PRO TEAM!!

    One request, can we get a 'focus reticle' that actually shows us a small window with a zoomed + cropped portion of where the focus reticle currently sits? So that we can really accurately set clear focus? It's tricky to accurately gauge focus on small devices and this was a feature in Magic Lantern and Canon cameras that I really appreciated when i used to use DSLR.

  26. Is this available for the Movi Cinema Robot using the Pixel 3XL? Did not see it listed in my Filmic Evaluator app. thx

  27. The app is alittle buggy.
    On S9+, running Oreo….
    Still no 120 fps,
    The roll lock would NOT engage after releasing it…When hitting the trigger to lock it back, it would NOT stay locked….Had to restart the app…
    Had to restart the app to get the exposure and focus to unlock. They were stuck in the locked option after trying out both locked and unlocked through the D pad…

  28. I just checked the Play store for the 6.9 release and it's not up. Will Android being getting this release as well and if so when? Thank you.

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