Fastest Way to Unlock Cars in Asphalt 9

I found out a few secrets on my own and decided to share it with you all. These tips and tricks will help you get BPs quickly and efficiently. Hence, smoother progress in the game.
Useful for all level players.

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  1. well it got harder, i can only rely on career and car loot, i have 4 cars and i try my best to be efficient with the tank.. :/

  2. Every day I get cards but I am not understanding how to trade it for buying new cars. can someone help?

  3. Right now I am stuck by Iā€™m in class b and I need 12 more bp to start up my car be the races are so hard I need lots of help

  4. i can't unlock camaro zl1 and that shit locks a lot of season in carrier(sorry for the english i'm italian)

  5. How to recover after knockdown, cuz most of the time you are left way behind

  6. Never spend tokens on blueprint in legend store…. u should spend it in exclusive car like the sv or acura

  7. Never buy bp from shop with tokens, not worth it, save for events and buy 10x packs for 750 credits

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