Fake check scam continues to confuse consumers

How to tell whether or not check is real.

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  2. have received dozens of these checks/postal money orders over the last 10 years and they are all fake. even contacted a property management company and found they were missing over $50,000 from the same guy from their account. cops don't help so don't call them. instead contact the bank or account holder to let them know. there is never a real check involved when the payment exceeds the amount due and when the person doing business with you is not in the same state as where the check came from. last one I got was from a person in Nevada, account was in California located in one city and the alledged account owner was in Arizona. THREE RED FLAGS.

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  4. I’ve been in contact with an agent from Los Angeles, CA because my
    scammer sent me a check, and when I called the company it was drawn off of, they said it was fraudulent, I ended up faxing a copy to them, they then contacted this agent and he called me and has been working with me on my case, but he told me they are swamped with theses cases, and NOT to expect to get any or very little of the the money back. You can report your case to this agent through https://www.la-acfe.com certified government officials that offers a list of investigation and restitution services for free and can assist and support you through this difficult time. reporting the scam is very important even tho most of us are too embarrassed to report it.

  5. The bank should not release funds…. If banks have no recourse why would they hold any checks?? Banks should hold checks until 100% funds are cleared, meaning 100 confirmed and approved as good funds. Banks say people should wait 2 weeks until the funds clear 100%

    TO THOSE Saying people are morons by falling for these scams…. Let's see. Why are applications like Zelle or Cash good and instantaneous? Why can't funds on a check be confirmed like these apps do?

    Imagine you hired a contractor, gave him a check, funds come out of your account, contractor has not shown up or called for a few days, you call the contractor and ask him when he'll start the work…. then he says: Well, I was burn with a cashier's check before, and the bank says that for me to make sure funds are 100% good… I'll have to wait 2 weeks… We appreciate your business but after 2 weeks have passed we will start the work…. Don't worry, you only have 10 more days to go! How would you feel? AHHHHHH…. Like a moron?

    I will try waiting 2 weeks with my next clients. I am a contractor… I will report back and see how furious they feel.

    I was scammed out of $4,000 for not being cautious and for going ahead and performing work after someone gave me a cashier's check.

    Now let's see how home owners feel when I do not show up for 2 weeks after they pay me. FAIR IS FAIR!!!

    Banks are not doing all they can and this is the way it will have to be, I am not going to extend credit to anyone… I am not a bank. They bank needs to do its job in securing funds, keeping money safe, and sticking to their decision when they approve funds and make them available to me. Otherwise I will just use Zelle, CashApp, etc. These has to be a better way!!!

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  7. Hm, accidentally deposited two 1,400$ checks today that it got in the mail. Is that a bad thing lol

  8. This happen to me only that moron wasnt smart about it n i caught on. Save the packet with address that the check was sent to you in and bring it to your bank. I got the money from the check but didnt send anything back to the person i took a vacation. I just exsplained it to my bank how i spent it all. out of my hands now went back on the other dude where it was sent from

  9. The statue of liberty immigration has no ideas but USNited smart Emilie knows this it's code 15

  10. I got one for 3,200… and I was owed 1,000 and the other 2,200 wanted me to send with his mover

  11. I got one a friend told a company to send. I was supposed to deposit the check and let it clear and send the money when cleared. But I have received fake checks before but make sure th check is real. The bank teller calls or I do

  12. Some one is trying to get a money long and my house and my name and other names and is not mee. What can I do?

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  15. If you want to know if a check is real or fake the reporter just told you. “You don’t get money for nothing”. Don’t be a fool. It’s FAKE

  16. This is happening to me right now the man is using textnow a fake number app and he took my money away from me I worked 6 months hard work to pay for my own college and guess what all my money is GONE here’s the number if anyone wanna find out who he is or if it’s a he plz plz plz harass til he will tell the truth he took everything from me 1-323-364-4413 he thinks it’s funny to take stuff from people who work hard for their money

  17. I let them send me checks and play games with them. I don’t deposit them I just let them FedEx me the checks and it ends up wasting their time and money.

  18. A while ago when i was pregnant and hit hard time in my life, babies daddy didnt even had money for a stroller, i thought this check was real, i tried to cash it, almost got police on me, bank closed my bank account….

  19. guys, after my several scam encounter i got a legit site that got me a blank atm card with 11,000$ balance vastrangelinks com they are genuine

  20. who could have thought , i will make it this big if not for vastrangelinks,com that sent me a blank card with $15,000 balance to set up my business

  21. Yo I been sent a fake check in the mail and they told me I got to send it off or they'll sue me

  22. I got a check to be a secret shopper. My bank would not cash it they said it was a scam without even trying.

  23. This happened to me I was desperate for money and thought this was real I owe nearly over 1000 now for depositing money into the scammers account what do I do I’m in a tight position with money? I feel like crying

  24. I got a fake check similar to that i was suspicious of it .I took it to my bank . The main lady at the bank pointed out 4 mistakes on it . It was fake .

  25. He couldve at least explained the last part where he says "deposit one of these checks and you lose every time"……well if the bank thinks its real and deposits it…WHAT HAPPENS!??….that would be nice to know…lol


  27. This has been going on so long I'm actually surprised these saps are still falling for it.

  28. Where they get the bank account numbers from? Somebody tap me in DM me

  29. They try to get me but I never fell for it … I fixed iphones and android .. a guy want buy a iphone 6s from me I was selling it for $300.00 he send me a so called cashiers check .. Almost $2,000 dollars .. He want me to cash it take my $400.00 out but send him the rest … I talk to the bank and police department .. and they say it's fake … also they try to get you to ship off the product you're selling … real Quick before Everything check out …

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