F-150 Tesla Radio Install

Today we install a new radio in the 2013 F150. Let us know what you think by commenting below and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe for more!!!
**Update 3/25/20 – We never got the issues fixed with our unit. They offer a new updated unit that (seems) better. For the cost, I wouldn’t recommend this exact unit. While at the time, we we had super customer service, we’ve since heard from a lot of people it’s hard to get anyone on the phone. Maybe we overwhelmed them with the response…


  1. Looks great! Im glad your Google maps looks normal. I have a '17 F150 and I installed the PX3 w/ 2G of ram. Google maps looks weird. The search bar is almost halfway down the screen. I contacted Phoenix many times since I purchased it last year and they keep telling me that their engineers are working on it. Bull. I don't understand why it looks ok on other people's I've seen like it's and mine looks weird.

  2. He's so cute when that kid said "I was going 170mph, what do you want me to do?"

    So cute he thinks a f150 can go 170

  3. cheap and slow processor & RAM combination. I love the look and the functionality but not the operating speed. Nice video, glad you showed the install and operation. 35 seconds to get going? Its junk.

  4. With this installation did you lost any output?. (USB, lighter output, power outlet, anything?). Thanks.

  5. Definitely hit or miss on android radios. But most of them, even from different brands are usually made by the same company.

  6. I have the exact same setup in my 14 f150 and the 4" screen for the radio doesn't work. Trying to find a replacement for cheap is not going well. Want to sell yours?

  7. i've seen reviews on this company and the "tesla " like screen for other vehicles and the cons were the same on theirs. Also need 4gb ram for android, theres companies like Joying Auto that have great 1 second boot plug and play systems.

  8. Does anyone have a backup copy of the system apps??? I'd like to poke around in the apps, specifically the one with those vehicle pictures in it…

  9. I would ask your manufacturer of the radio, if it is rooted, or if it is able to be rooted, if it isn't pre-rooted… Rooting isn't for everyone, but if you wanted to, and you had the programming know how, most problems are easy to fix…

  10. Would love to have one I’ve got a 2012 f 150 FX4 all stock heated and cool seats but no navigation that was what I was looking to do tell I seen you video would it be hard to hook up in my ford not to big on electronics

  11. "picks up rca cable" This is aux cord. im dead LUL . bruh i just cant thats to damn funny

  12. Step 1 remove the negative battery cable …. missed… lol

  13. I cant quite put my finger on it but your accent sounds so intriguing are you from Europe????

  14. Where you’re located to brother? You’re marvelous man!!! How much can you do that for someone? I would love to have my radio replaced by Tesla one!!! Let me know in what are you living man plz

  15. I think you could change the settings of the time from internet to gps time and you will get the right time without internet connection. Good luck with your new infotainment.

  16. has any updates changed since you installed this unit 1 year ago? did they fix the ac like you mentioned or any other updates? thanks

  17. So after all this time are you still using this 12” system? If so what do you think about it?

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