exploit android by metasploit (without payload.apk or .pdf)

exploit android port 5555 using metasploit


  1. please make the video again starting from the begining if this is real thanks…

  2. You need ADB over network already enabled. Also there will be authentication required when connecting for this first time. This is bullshit!

  3. Oh boy, connecting to your own device, connected to your computer. That's amazing!

  4. طالما كتبت تحذير وللهدف العلمى فقط اليويتوب هيطير القناه بتاعتك الاحسن لو متكتبش تحذير ولا بتاع كده انته بتنبهم فشخولوى القناه قبل كده بسبب ده اعمل زى ما انته عايز من غير كلمه تهكير او تحذير

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