Excel Drop-down List Arrow Always Visible

The drop-down arrow for a validation list disappears when you select another cell. This technique shows you how to create a fake drop-down icon that will mimic the real arrow. Download the sample file at the link above.

Bill Jelen’s solution in Mr Excel Podcast 1816 –

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  1. Hi Jon.. I just found this video. Cool idea. I enhanced it by setting a hyperlink on the ghost arrow in D4 to jump to cell C4 (I didn't use the Data Validation message with this technique). So, when you click on the ghost arrow in D4, the pointer jumps to C4 and displays the actual drop down arrow. Click again and you have your list. Thanks for sharing this tip.. very useful. Thumbs up for Excel Campus!

  2. what a shitty, shitty workaround. especially considering the "arrow" is not even functional when you click on it.

  3. Hi! Around the 20 second mark, you changed the state and the formula updated. Is there a tutorial for how you did that? Thanks in advance.

  4. I know I'm 5 years too late but here we are in 2019 and there still hasn't been a better method added by microsoft for this. However, I do think visually this looks good but functionally I think it could be annoying to end users if they try to click on the new "drop down" and nothing happens. I don't work with the most Excel savvy folks so I can see this being an issue. Other than that, it'll do.

  5. Pls can you please send me video link on how to create drop down list to display individual record of an agent / customer.

  6. Hi, great sharing here. After experimenting, I found a best and the most simple way that automatically select the cell and expand the drop down list at the same time with VBA macro. First create a shape with the text "q" Wingdings 3 as explained in your video. Then assign a macro.

    Sub Macro1()

    SendKeys "%{DOWN}"
    End Sub

  7. This method is so archaic. MS Excel should, by default, inject a drop down arrow into the selectable cell when one creates a list!

  8. an idea would be to add an hyperlink pointing to the cell (to replace the message)

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