Everything New in Adobe Photoshop CC 2020

Photoshop CC 2020 is a big update with a lot of exciting new features including the new Object Selection Tool, enhanced Warp Transformation, updated Preset libraries and lots of brand new keyboard shortcuts and timesavers. Use time codes below to jump to specific features and check out the Milanote board for resources and exercise files!


0:00 Intro
0:30 Object Selection Tool
6:15 Enhanced Transform Warp
10:09 Free…


  1. My Photoshop brushes lag, dosent matter what I do to correct them (I saw so many videos telling me what to do, but nothing works) Im using a Eurocom Panther 3, Windows 10 (latest update), 24 G Ram, 3 HD, so C is used only for Software. CLIP STUDIO PAINT work flawless, no lag at all, and I have at lease 300 brushes installed. Is there something u can help me to make Photoshop work as a painting program? Thanks

  2. Is the photography plan (20gb) the full version of Photoshop and Lightroom? Thanks

  3. Hi, Thank you very much for the video it is quite informative and your technique is simple and to the point, I wish I would be able to mimic what you did I went to the link your provided for the EXERCISE FILES but most of it isn't there 🙁

  4. Can select objects. Proceeds to select the only two females in the image

  5. 2:13 how did you move your rectangle selection before releasing the left click button?

  6. the brush rotation with arrow keys seemed something so simple, they only updated it now in 2020

  7. I have been told that the Preset manager will no longer have brush presets. I have created new custom brushes in Photoshop 2020, and have placed
    them in a folder, but cannot see how to save that folder of brushes
    anywhere. How do I make sure I do not lose them? I like to back up my
    brushes on my HD. Also so that I can share my brushes. Thank you.

  8. Man, just wish this could be a 5 min video… some of us too busy and insanely bombarded w content etc etc… in 2020 all about time management and focus 100!

  9. Are these all the new features of the 30 years anniversary edition ? Is that all I get for my monthly subscription fee ??? Look at what other competitors give you for just a fraction of one year Adobe fee AND you OWN these programs for ever WITHOUT paying endlessly ….

  10. Hi, would you tell me how to check my camera's shutter count with this new photoshop? I don't seem to be able to find it in the file info like before! thanks

  11. good 411. Does anyone else see whats wrong with this first picture? The sad part is that most won't.

  12. Thanks for the tutorial, i already suscribed! How can i change to erase tool from brush in Windows? i cant use ~ to hold it. Wainting for the next video, thanks again!

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