Eve Online: Tutorial for Complete Beginners! – Ep 1: Starting from Scratch

Eve Online has incredible depth of gameplay…but it’s MUCH easier to get started in than you might imagine! Signup with my Recruit a Friend link to get bonus skill points:

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  1. Youre a legend man your vids helped me with hearts of iron 4 and now this, Keep it up!

  2. 25:49 he is struggling to explain what happens when you warp, but what actually happens is you enter the nether and you start flying through a nether tunnel

  3. Ouch, this is the most long-winded tutorial I have ever suffered through. Not interested in how much you like the game, not interested in your opinions. It's a tutorial ffs! Get on with it and make a tutorial. Two thirds of this was you giving opinions! 38 minutes could easily be cut down to 11 minutes without your bs.

  4. Sorry can you help me here…..I have 2 account 1 in steam and 1 in eve client, is there any chance if I got omega it will affected the other one or not….

  5. I'm here because of the Eve Online Youtube ads. This game reminds me of an old PC game called Home World
    Does you shield auto-repair? Or do need some resources to repair it?

  6. This is a really good walkthrough. The UI looked pretty daunting, but your explanation made it seem very simple.

  7. To fuqin long unnecessary explanation or I just don't care let me see the game play and the very basic the rest I'm gonna just figure out myself

  8. eve is perfect, you only have to play it once, well…maybe twice….i did it in 2004 =P

  9. first time i actually enjoyed a tutorial on anything to be honest i truly loved it and thanks for the heads up and welcome to family cousin/ brother i think but welcome non the less

  10. But the SHIT he is talking about ALPHA and OMEGA and no differences … ROFLMAOPMSL … must be a noob player and someone never left HiSec… I could not fly 5% of my ships and using the weapons, shields, armor etc i need when on ALPHA … go get an OMEGA, its 10 Bucks per month, you spent much more money on other shit…

  11. These tutorials are just what i needed after a 10 year break🙏

  12. thanks for the video,.. i was a hardcore player years ago , but stopped playing.
    Because of a stroke and the loss of use of my right arm, I remembered this game could be played with only the mouse so i returned to play only to find i had forgotten everything about how to actually play it.
    was amazed my huge account full of stuff exactly as I left it years ago and am eagerly trying to figure it all out again, thank so much ,..subbed

  13. Everytime Eveonline ad pops up on my youtube. After checking out the game it's complicated. Let me just stick to PUBG which is Easy to learn and start

  14. i started the game. i don't see any side panels thingy like yours. its just the space and my ship. how do see those tabs?

  15. I don't like the graphics of the game. It's kinda colorless and that's what brings me more to not download it.

  16. The only game where the beginner guide is nearly 40 mins Long

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