Etmaxter i200 TWS Android Pairing And Full Factory Reset Guide

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Pairing with the Apple devices is very simple due to the H1 type setup with the animated popup walking you through the process. With Android it is still easy to do but requires a special procedure the first time of pairing.

Android pairing (most versions Pie etc)

First go into the Bluetooth devices in the Android setting cog. Then click on add a Bluetooth…


  1. mine doesn't want to come one. The light does not even want to come on I've tried to reset it like a million times . I have charged it for very long it still doesn't want to work. please help me.

  2. Hi Mike my i1000 tws won’t connect to my phone. They don’t pop up and when I go on to Bluetooth on settings it doesn’t show my device. What can I do to make them work again ?

  3. my left airpod works with phones and the right doesnt and vice versa on laptops. but the sound is still there on both pods when you tryo to connect yet when music is played it wont play together. help?

  4. Hi Mike, thanks for the information to reset. I have the i500 TWS which seems to work the same as your i200. I had followed this process before when I had a pairing problem and it worked fine, this time it didn't. Near the end of the process, I got a bright RED light, I had not ever seen before, under any circumstances, different from the sorta orange charging light. Three times following the process.. and they would show up in add a device, but my phone and PC gave the error "failed to pair the device, please check your device is in pairing mode, they were. I searched for the meaning of the RED light and found nothing… Thinking maybe the battery was dead, let them charge for an hour, then tried your reset with the power connected. When I got the red light I pulled the power out. It worked, lots of words here, but if resetting them and you get the red light. Plug them in, do the reset and pull the plug when you get the red light…. worked for me

  5. Hello i have weird problem and i cant even find someone with same problem 🙁
    My iPhone 7 shows wrong % of charge my i200. Fully charged show 97% on pods and 100% on case. After pick up one pod is R 100% L 82% and case 27%. Its all the time jumping.
    But on my iPad % are always correct.
    Soft verision of iPhone and iPad are the same (newest).
    Some one know what the heck and how i can fix it?

  6. Hi mike .. my i200 airpods right side automatically off after 1mins… any solution for this.I tried reset already…

  7. Hello Mike! I just got i200's for Christmas and after a couple weeks they won't turn on no matter what I do. I've tried to charge and factory reset them too

  8. My right earbud won't turn on. It has been in the case for days but it still doesn't work. The sensor does nothing so I can't turn it on

  9. I just got my i200s and it worked the first day but then the second day it just stopped working like blinking red and blue when it connects and i dont know why

  10. hey very sorry but i just got i500 tws from podsbay and i am having an issue with a blue led on the right one any help please it will also not connect to my mobile phone thanks for your time mike

  11. my i200s don’t want to connect at all. Can’t get them to pop up on the screen. They’re fully charged but when i open the case no light comes on

  12. So I bought a i200 and after a week my left earphones got a blue light and don’t work. Any help?

  13. does it also apply on i9000? I tried the same process as yours but it only showed white blinking then the light turned off after

  14. My left one won’t charge at all and it just shows a dead one. The case always stays at 68% as well. Any fix?

  15. I am currently using the i500 on android but it does not show the battery percentage on the settings manual

  16. mine are named i200 and i cant rename them on my iphone 🤷‍♂️ any resolution? pleeeaaasseeee

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