ENORMOUS 17" Android Tablet! Samsung Galaxy View2 Unboxing and Hands On

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  1. I was going to pick this one up on launch day, but this model was a downgrade compared to the original View 18.4" – Pay more ($749 vs $599) for a worse model, no thanks.

  2. Would this be a good option for digital art, sketches, and using a stylus pen to create art work?

  3. Artists would get it if it had an S pen, a wide screen running Android in that price! Goodbye wacom xD

  4. Thanks! I'm a yt fiend so this is perfect around my place to just watch movies on. Wonder why you still need wifi when it has service through at&t?

  5. bro is that a tablet or a tv if i had that i would get retroarch and play my classic games

  6. Why I can not buy this tablet? Everywhere company it say NOT AVAILABLE

  7. Replace TV if you can plug a PlayStation 4 pro to it have its only data plan SIM card so you don't need to relie on WiFi could be a good idea

  8. The point of this would be an all in one Android device. There's various use cases out there in industrial land where you may want a big screen but whatever custom apps you run are iOS/Android only. It's a very, very niche market though, and I doubt Samsung can properly market to it. Sort of surprising the View did well enough to justify a View 2…

  9. I've had mine 9 months now. Big Dolby sound, big on screen keyboard, big reading letters, quick handling and mounted next to the recliner. I'm liking it pretty much I guess. Like the man says, it's great for us old folks. Easy reading and easy manipulating keyboard. It's a nice little TV that acts like your standard smaller Samsung tablet. Problems, some Google apps and verison apps aren't supported. There are workaround apps for verison texting (mightytext works) I also needed a SD card to get onto verison, 10$ a month dedicated line. Other than that I'm liking it..

  10. 4 years later and the performance improvements are: +1GB of RAM, same 8 core 1.6ghz cpu, same 1080p resolution. same stuck on back. can at least add a bigger microSD

  11. Never met someone so bitter at a good product just because of their emotional attachments to rival brands lol

  12. Samsung — why did you waste your money on this?
    Just make a cellphone dock to a 17in screen.

  13. Pff no way! Can get a touch screen HD 2 in 1 with good camera ton of memory great processor.. For same price and it'll be lighter and more useful and less annoying than this thing. Thanks for saving me $

  14. Just put Intel Core i9 9980H and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 MaxQ in this and it will be a iPad Pro killer.

  15. Just bought for my kid. Trying to use school apps and read books on our current 8 inch tablet sucks. Most text is too small and magnifying all the time is annoying. I'm hoping this improves her experience. I wish there were better alternatives, but android tablets over 10 inches seem rare

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