ELECTRIC POWER!!! DS e-Tense (3* Rank 1976) Multiplayer in Asphalt 9

I test the DS e-Tense in multiplayer, and find that this mid-tier D-class car can actually compete quite well within its class! Enjoy 😀

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  1. can somebody help im trying to race in a ds automobiles ds e tense in multiplayer but i cant figure it out pplllllsss

  2. Why are you not doing the perfect nitro? You like drift before the blue bar. Is that some kind of pro thing? Im kinda new to the game

  3. Today in a race in my P1 I went offramp and I landed upside down but I didn’t not get knocked down and I landed on my wheels

  4. After the buff, you can easily get to plat with even a 2 star ds e-tense

  5. Hey man.Been following your videos since I started playing asphalt 9.Wanna sat your video is awesome and I love your voice very much

  6. I tell you a secret.

    I reached legend league using only this car. 😊
    It's one of the best D class

  7. Im rember when with this car I started with red nitro, but
    Between 2 cars doing shockwave…

    They could not nock down me
    Its a tank v:

  8. You Can Use The The E Tense In Silver League
    But When You Incounter A Pininfarina You
    Have To Be Careful.

  9. It may seem stupid but I am having sub wars with my bros first to one k wins 100$. He’s at 433 and I’m at 193. Please shout me out! I’m your biggest fan and I want to win so I can also get monetized on YouTube. Also maybe shoutout my club “team akr” so that I can get tokens faster from the thing. Thanks mate!

  10. Btw! I knocked 2 seconds off my ESL all due to ur info n vid last wk I found here at ur ch! 💥💥✌️🇺🇸Thxs!

  11. Thank so much u save me many tokens! I told my Club , if eh racer wants to reach goals a must to go to ytube n ur ch! 👍✌️🇺🇸

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