Eight year iPhone user switches to Android. Here's why.

Eight years of loyalty using Apple’s revolutionary mobile product finally came to an end for Justin. See why buying the next iPhone made little sense to him anymore.

What’s your story with iOS and Android? Loyal customer? Bounce back and forth? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. Lots of Android fanboy comments in this thread. Never a good look, for either Apple or Android users. Both systems have their pros and cons. Apple chips are faster, this is not even debatable, and at the same time iOS is wasting that potential. The RAM thing, kind of a wash. You don't need to cram as much in if your software is optimized well. Android is more customizable and has flagships with better screens. Apple has native, carrier agnostic visual voicemail (How Goolge, how do you still not have this? Google Voice is just a workaround) and RCS (iMessage). Android phones have better fast charging options. A lot of Android phones have SD card storage. iPhone has better security and privacy (Google is comparable-ish on security for like 2 years then you're shit out of luck on updates, even on flagships). Price? Samsung is now up there with Apple with the S20U. Look, you can go back and forth all day, there is no need to blindly praise or denounce one or the other. Come up with your own requirements and get the phone that fits, and let others do the same. I tend to bounce around between both every couple years for this reason alone, and not some stereotype based decision.

  2. Good, fast and high quality phone for $100
    everyone: meh
    The same phone with an apple logo that costs $1500
    Everyone: wow best thing ever

  3. 6:10 “bezel less display on s7 edge”
    literally has a forehead and a fucken chin damn near the same size as apples

  4. I like the home button and the top notch of the phone that is why I have the iPhone but that would be pretty much it of apple.

  5. 72 years old this year. have switched back and forth between ios and android 4 or 5 times over the last 10 years. i've settled this year on android (note 10+), but i still long every once in awhile for my iphone xs max. for the last 8 months or so, i have actually switched my SIM card back and forth. ios is 'easier', more comfortable, more familiar, more 'unified.' still today, android seems more fragmented somehow. and yet . . . i have settled on it, and haven't switched SIMs for several months.

    i've identified in my own mind why this is so . . . the apple ecosystem has become too demanding and too in-my-face. jeeeeez, if i could just quit itunes and icloud and avoid the damn notifications and two-factor authentication and mandatory sign-ins. my last apple password was "iH@teaPPle2018." i really felt that way after an afternoon of trying to sort out problems with my apple account.

    ios is smoother to me, but apple itself in its modern incarnation just seems too fiddly and demanding and overly proprietary. so that's why i switched. obviously, your mileage may vary. peace.

  6. 5 years ahead was nine years ago… in 2016. Nothing has changed since then. iOS still is what it was in 2016 or in 2011. There were only minimal adjustments in favor of the new hardware.

  7. I have always been an apple user and will stay that way

    Sorry but apple is still better, faster, easier to use! But androids only good for the prices there not fast or easy to use but it’s fine whatever you prefer 😐

  8. My friend switched to iPhone when she heard that her 2 year old S8 is not getting updates (android 10) and thats a good point

  9. Just bought an ASUS ROG 2 to replace my iPhone 6. Was getting annoyed with the battery life of the iPhones reducing so quickly

  10. Bro u should've stayed with apple why come to andriod u always trash talk us behind our back anyway u traitor

  11. When Steve Jobs died everything went down hill for Apple. If he was still alive and still ran the buisness, I probably would have had an Iphone or at least wanted one.

  12. I got an iphone for free from work. Someone from mg't had it and didn't like it, so I thought I'd try it. It lasted me a whole week. I wanted to throw it in a wood chipper and then throw the wood chipper into a live volcano. One of many things I hated about it, who makes a phone with no back button? Yeah I know, simply swipe left to right, WRONG, that works about half the time. Every computer and phone I've ever had has a back button. apple la di da garbage

  13. 8:10
    Steve Jobs shows all of the weak phones in 2007 in 2006 the nokia N95 came out with WiFi 3G and everything then in 2007 the 8GB VERSION cam out iPhone was always behind all it did was bring a touch screen out

  14. I've got scandalous news. I know him personally. He switched back to an iPhone a long while ago. If you ask for an explanation, he might just give it to you.

  15. To all the people who are fighting over which is better…


  16. I made the switch from an iPhone 5 to Oppo R17 a couple years ago, and have never looked back… Battery life is twice as long, screen size is bigger, the perfect size, and NO iTUNES!!!

  17. I switched from my iPhone 5S to the Huawei Y6S because the battery drains so fast, now I am enjoying with my new phone it took longer to charge it again, its camera is just right. Team Android supporter here! 😊📱❤️

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