eBook Readers: Android on the Nook, Resources for eBook Devices, & Rooting the Nook Touch [1 of 2]

A handy video for eBook Readers: how Android works on the Barnes & Noble Nook Touch, what applications to use, resources for any eBook device, and how to root the Nook Touch.

If you are looking for more in an eReader, I highly suggest that you consider the Nook Touch because of the ability to download periodicals and articles from the web to read offline at a later date via the Read It Later application. This will require rooting the device, but it’s a quick process to unlock the true…


  1. If you want to have the ability to save pages of Wikipedia on your android phone to familiarize them when offline. Save every Wikipedia article on your SD card for offline viewing
    >> apklibs.com/2012/11/wikidroid-plus-apk.html

  2. @jishixia I have not seen that before… My suggestion is to format it and try again. Also, this is an old guide, check out my newer video that links to the forum where the current methods are posted.

  3. how did you get apps to get past the message "does not allow unknown sources" on the nook simple touch?

  4. @TinkAndGracie Not a problem, glad it was useful! Here's an updated video that shows off more features: watch?v=SekBv7n_H1A

  5. I just bought myself the Nook ($99) and love it. Will like it even more when I can browse for more reading material on the Web and download library e-books. Thanks for your research and postings.

  6. @LukeTheBook333 Just adjust that URL. You need to modify the original file used in the root command line program, then just rerun the command line and say yes to remap.

  7. @werddie1992 I plan to release a more updated guide with some more tweaks and apps, but in the mean time, check out this forum thread for more information, it should give you all the information you need to remap the buttons. I started the remap first with the menu and back buttons on the left hand side, but eventually switched them for volume control to change pages in the android apps because the menu buttons are already in the taskbar. tinyurl /3tdcu5r

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