Easily Set Up FASTBOOT and ADB on a MAC for Android Smartphones

If you want to use fastboot and adb commands on your Android phone using your MAC, this step-by-step tutorial is for you. Using the fastboot and adb for MAC you will be able to follow all unlocking and rooting tutorials, as well as installing custom ROMS, and much more using your MAC OS instead of a Windows PC.

Get the SDK at

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  1. after i install Java and then click on android (in the tools folder) it keeps saying that Java Runtime not present. And if i want to install it. What am i doing wrong? I already downloaded Java 3x!

  2. What about for Galaxy Phones? I've just spent the entire night trying to unlock my bootloader using the ADB and Fastboot method in Terminal app on macbook. Only to read in a comment on the video(s) that it doesn't work on samsung phones (cause they don't allow unlocking of bootloaders). So what…? How am I gonna do this?

  3. Hi, thanks ! this really save me.. i just lost my sdk file. It works.. macbook is just complicated for me to remember the steps.. 😅

  4. Any idea if is possible installing android kitkat 4,4 on my phone b using this application?

  5. Where can I get the SDK now? Everything I'm downloading from that website doesn't have adb nor fastboot in it 🙁

  6. You should make an updated version of this im running on yosemite, and the files to download are not the same there is no eclipse.

  7. hey i don't find any zip file while i try to download adb for mac i got only dmg file could you give me another link

  8. thanks this is the only fastboot mac guide that made any sense to me. Nexus 7 2012 now back up and running after downgrading from lollipop to kitkat, goodbye lag.

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