Dungeon Quest hack(no root)

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  1. Para o português nem que seja espanhol já ajuda
    eu prometo que se fizerem isso eu do likes e compartilho esse jogo com todos os meus amigos

  2. caralho só joga gente da América é ?

    É por que eu ia pergunta se não dá pra fazer uma maneira das pessoas trocarem o idioma

  3. I wanted to buy crystals but the crytal pack on the shop is gone now I have to convert my trashy weapon into crystal one by one ughh so annoyed. good video btw.

  4. Guyssss lucky patcher still works if you have no root, but only if you know how, anyway the hacks doesnt work on DQ anymore because they patched it, also this video was made a few years ago, if you didnt know so were too late 😭

  5. way I will need anything that you can we can get back on a bit and we can get it to get it would you for your browser if it was thinking that the last year so you have any attachments are you have any questions are the other day of this email is the way we can be in your browser such information contained herein including attachments if I will have

  6. LoL I did not use root to use lucky patcher just follow my step

    1.)Go to lucky Patcher
    2.)Press the Dungeon Quest
    3.)Press Create Apk File
    4.)Press Rebuild App its in 3rd
    6.)Press the File
    7.)Press Uninstall and Install
    8.)Wait again XD
    9.)Now go to Dungeon Quest and press the Money


  7. You did not show us how to do it you only show as the switches of lucky patcher Anyway I know how to use lucky patcher You skunk

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