Dual Smartphone/GoPro One Hand Holder & Tripod (LiveStream Two Devices SameTime!

Check out this dual mount one hand holder ( for recording videos or live streaming from smartphones and go pros (action cameras). You can livestream from two phones at the same time (Now you can stream on Blab and Periscope or Youtube and Instagragm at the same time). I personallly use this when making a phone side by side video comparisons:

Livestream Gear® – Dual Device Pro Tripod Setup with Hand Grip Option for Live…


  1. Oh thank you!! Been looking for a TRIPLE mount or device. Do you know of any please? ,I'm desperate.

  2. Awesome piece of kit there dude and not overly expensive…definitely something worth looking into…great review 👍🇬🇧

  3. Cool video……. Can you please send me a normal tripod…… I really want it to shoot food video…. Cool cinematic food video plssss bro send it to me India

  4. This is nice, I know alot of YouTubers stream on YouTube and Instagram at the same time..great review

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