Download Fortnite LITE on ANY ANDROID PHONE !

In this video, I show you how to download Fortnite Lite on any Android phone.
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  1. Thanks man it actully freaking worked my phone isn't compatible but its works nowww yaya thanks👍👍👍❤

  2. It does nt work we need to do this steps to get fortnite:upgrade android to64bit expand ram and change gpu!but it is sooooo bad and i go play pubg mobile

  3. Thank you I'm so thankful to you I've always wanted to play fortnite and now I can!!!! 😙😂😂

  4. My phone is running 7.0, 4 gb of ram and an octa core processor and yet just because its 7.0 i cant get it!!!!

  5. Pls update the link! when I start fortnite it says I have to update it but I can't… Pls update! <3

  6. What a scan it said that installing fortnite then it said it's not working it searsealy a scan don't try this waist of time. First I got very happy then unhapoy

  7. It tells you to subscribe to unlock the download link. It's just click bait. If your device is incompatible you are s.o.l. sorry to say

  8. I just got a Google pixel 2. Playing fortnite for first-time. That game is hard haven't killed 1 Player yet.

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