Double Your Battery Life With Kernel Adiutor Best Settings !

Increase Improve Battery life of any phone Kernal adiutor best settings
best power settings double the battery life of android samsung phones
These 3 Simple Free 2017 Android Applications for your Smartphone can make your battery Life last Much Longer!

How I Set Up My Phone:-

How to any android Rom:-

How to Root Android Phone 2017:-

how to back up…


  1. Not recommended, stock settings are optimised with battery saving in mind unless you have a phone from 2014 you shouldn't be doing this

  2. If i rooted my phone and install kernel adiutor to increase cpu speed this may explode my device is that true please anyone answer me ?????

  3. My phone does not have the multicore power saving option. Is there a way to get around it?

  4. it simple to double your battery life if u have custom rom + root,how?just underclock your cpu for example 2.8Ghz to 2.3Ghz it will reduce performance but most importantly your phone will never overheating and improve battery life,

  5. I download it and it says I have no root even though I actually have it rooted, can somebody plz help me

  6. so, less cores running = more energy eficient?

    answer is no!

    more cores = more energy eficient when you do work.

    the only way to save power with this is if you could desable all but one core when all cpu load reach near 0-5%

    so, agressive mode is the last preset you should use if you want a more energy eficient device.

  7. The low memory killer setting gets auto reset to default on boot. I have always on the toggle bar to apply on boot , after changing the values. But on boot it gets auto reset. The same is not case for changes in CPU or GPU. Can anyone help

  8. you must keep in mind that this power saving mods, or tweaking will ALSO SLOWS DOWN your droid's CPU, so u will SAVE Power by LOSING Performance.

  9. Double battery? You kidding me, prove that your shift doubled battery life, this video sux.

  10. And if you guys want the better version of Adiutor, search the XDA forums for MTweaks (currently version 2.9.x). Its basically the same program, but with much more settings

  11. Hello hai bro iam asking first question please replay me iam using rredmi note 4 how to enable dual speaker mod iam using crdriod ROM 4.4 8.1 oreo (treble build)

  12. What happens if i close the app from recent? Will it kill the current set up for my kernel?

  13. In CPU there is many option but not Conservative.. What should I select I am using latest version

  14. I want to convert by phone into a full fledged PC so that I can run my programs mainly of Java. is it possible or not

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