DOUBLE Your Android Battery Life for FREE!

These 3 Simple Free 2016 Android Applications for your Smartphone can make your battery Life last Much Longer!

Pixel Filter:
Hibernation Manager:

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  1. Tip: Shut down everything on your phone except for the stuff you actually need

  2. step 1 uninstall crappy apps you don't use. a good amount is probably running in the background. step 2, use app to manage background apps

  3. I got 20%left i download greenify before it drains at 20% for 1 hour now its 60 minutes tnx a lot bro

  4. Will the cpu hibernation app damage the CPU or internals of the phone in any way ?

  5. Wow thanks for ruining my new android phone I installed these apps and now i'm getting ads all other the place like porn pop ups and fake you have a virus websites and ALL THAT SHIT now I have to totally reset my phone!!!!!!!!

  6. Did't do any good for my Huawei. Tried it, after over night 71% left on battery. Unistalled without these extra apps 87% left on battery… Better without them.

  7. They only thing with Pixel filter. Every time I open the app it says I have to change something in the settings. This gets very annoying, so sometimes I just take the battery hit. Anybody got any suggestions?

  8. Can you do an update on this? Do these apps still work? OnePlus 6 has deep optimization now.

  9. Pixel thingy still works on lcd screens. Just not as efficient as the oled screens though. -LGG5 user

  10. Triple your battery life, just get an Xiaomi 10,000 amp power bank and tape to your phone.

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