Doordash App: 7 Major Differences between iPhone & Android

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  1. It let's me see how much actual time I was on doing deliveries. Don't know why your says your time in whole numbers.

  2. What's good Bentley Coupe ! I have a Samsung note 8 and I notice once I change my vehicle from car to Ebike it actually gives you more times to schedule.! Even though I'm still in my car I just switch it to ebike and all the times show up 6am to 2am

  3. Bentley Something just popped up on my doorDash app It says….( delivery issues)…… it’s in between on time or early deliveries at lifetime deliveries It goes on to say delivery issues reported by your customers your account may be reviewed for deactivation if you have more than one delivery issue out of your 100 most recent deliveries what the hell is this is door dash just coming up with ways to deactivate us I had to take 2 three dollar deliveries today just so I would have my acceptance rating above 60% so I can continue to get early scheduling what is going on…. Please reply as soon as possible I’m sure a lot of people are gonna wanna know what this is

  4. If you go into Earnings and select the particular dash your interested in it will show you the time period in wich you dashed by the minute. Also dont know if you aware of it yet but their is a new feature that was created in you ratings that keeps track of any issues you had delivering food which could result in reactivation

  5. Hey brother, what info do you have on the new Delivery Issues tab on the ratings screen?

  6. My man. Please address this new "Delivery Issues" rating. It seems like utter bullshit in order to deactivate long time, money making drivers.

  7. I just noticed a new “Delivery Issues” portion for the ratings. Has anyone else seen this? Like literally it just popped up. Says if you have more than 1 customer reported delivery issue per 100 orders you’re at risk for being deactivated.

  8. Why does it look like they don’t care about dashers? Now they have a rating for delivery issues. A few months ago a customer said I didn’t deliver his food when in reality he didn’t want to pay for it, I proved as much as I could with the everlance app which shows I did go to his house. Then DoorDash never got back to me even tho I asked about it they didn’t even reply when I wanted and update. I’m close to stop dashing.

  9. you can see your dashes and numbers on android and it says how many minutes you dash specifically

  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 on android ending dash lmao… I made that mistake my 1st day.

  11. Good stuff! Thanks for going over this. I have an iPhone. I need to get accurate time v’s pay information. I can’t wait to see your follow up to the android utility. Are you using the same phone provider for both phones? If yes, is it a pain to switch between the phones? For taxes, having a separate phone provider / or account might be convenient. I like my iPhone best tooo.

  12. I'm sure a million other people are going to request this, but how about a walk-thru/review of the Dash Utility app? (only available on Android)

  13. Android > iPhone when multitasking.

    I have YouTube(my music), Waze, Doordash widget, all running on the same screen.

  14. I should quit my job as soon as possible. Working 5 to 6:30 hours making less than $100 a day and I am struggling. Need more money but I don't want to wake in the morning 😂

  15. Wow i didnt know people had a problem with the end dash button on android, i personally love where it is and i noticed it right away my first day

  16. If the customer orders a Coke, with no other instructions, do I put ice in it or nah?

  17. DD looks weird & disgusting on Android. The developers for Android development always sucked since birth.

  18. I know that this is off subject. I wasn't planning on dashing yesterday but went into a zone to do some shopping. Of course, this was the only zone greyed out, as soon as it lit up, I started a half hour dash, got sent far into another zone with a high paying order. I ended that dash and started a new one in that zone, ended up doing a few orders there until my last few orders ended up going towards my home area. I made the same amount of money if not more while not being on a schedule and jumping to different zones until I ultimately ended up right down the street from where I live. That had to be the most efficient use of my time on the platform. Zero dead miles. Now I find myself questioning being on a schedule in a specific zone.

  19. Thanks for the shout out for the last video homie n I still over here tripping can't believe I made the comments of the week lol n I been thinking about doing doordash bit just a little bit nervous but I swear ur videos been giving me hella confidence n been watching n learning as much as I can thanks again homie n keep doing your thing 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  20. Im an Android fan I see too many people at the iPhone store it looks like to many problems with the phone's.

  21. Didn't mention the best thing about the Dasher widget on Android. If you open the widget and then slide the detail button, THEN touch on where it says total at the bottom, it will show you exactly how much you are going to make on the dash.

    There is no other way in android (and I think iPhone too) to figure out how much your exact total is before finishing the run, but with the widget you can.

    It's helpful because sometimes you get like a $12 order but the miles are high like 13 miles, normally if you don't know you just insta decline, but with the widget you can accept it, look at the total real pay out and it could be much higher like $23 so you keep the dash. If it's not worth it unassign and move on…

  22. On Android, you can zoom out and see where your pickuo/drop off is on every order. Even stacked.

  23. this is a really good video, i’ve always been a iphone user but, i’ve been thinking about making the switch. Unless the dasher app is godlike for android, i think i’ll stick with iphone, looking forward to that video. Thanks Man!

  24. And when you hit end dash on the Androidlike you mentioned for me it gets stuck and will set their ending the dash for a half hour or more I usually have to just shut down the whole phone and restart.

  25. Correction…from the time you log on to the time you end your dash. You can see it on the earnings page…since your a numbers man though you would appreciate knowing that ..:)

  26. I definitely use my old Android at home to schedule myself quickly, but prefer to dash with my iPhone. Great video!

  27. Hmmm there is waze app on android. Anyone with experience dashing using waze? Stride for taxes.

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