Don't Use UWorld Without Watching This!

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UWorld is one of the best resources for the USMLE Step 1, but I have seen U World end medical careers. Don’t fall into this trap! I’ll explain the biggest mistake students make when using UWorld.


  1. Hello thank you for the suggestions. I am preparing for nclex as i had passed 2 years and half before and don’t have much clinical experience. I an clueless can i develop my content only thorough using Uworld. Need help!!!

  2. I had to check if my playback speed is normal or if I had accidentally set it at 2x lol turns out it's normal . Great advice 👍👍👍 though. Thanks

  3. Whoa, this really helped me to get over scoring in UWorld. You're right, it's a tool for learning and not for pratice testing. Thank you very much, bro!

  4. the person who said they were getting 80s in Rx and 30's in Uworld is crazy. Rx is an extremely trick qbank. I prefer Uworld difficulty

  5. 1:42 cringe on top of the 90 other cringe. Dude wanted to add to "those scores to not matter… they do NOT!!…matter ivegotnothin" xD less hype and the words may flow a bit more smoothly. Also, you're wrong about most things you say here

  6. The only constructive criticism I have is next time try employing a standard handheld microphone while preaching this crucial information and then swiftly dropping it as you walk away from camera. On a serious note this is some of the best advice I have seen thus far. Thank you for this video!

  7. Does anyone know how to do Uworld with a friend? How do you enter a test ID to do specifically those questions so you can talk about them with friends after?

  8. What is the program he suggests at the beginning? it sounds like he's saying "first aid"?

  9. in Uworld you can actually get the right answers when you close your test and go to results, I used to do this to study the explanations and then I go back and answer the questions.. so I guess even Uworld doesn't want you to use it as an assessment tool!

  10. Thank you. I felt the same way due to the comments of people on YouTube saying they score 80s%
    of UWorld questions but now I'm not going to focus on that instead I'll use it as my study tool

  11. Thank you for the tip. This is so helpful! I am using UWorld for MCAT now and I LOVE it and hate it at the same time. I take back the hate part because the review and explanation are the best.

  12. THANK YOU!! IVE BEEN SUCKING SO BAD ON them but im taking my time to learn from each mistake.

  13. Thank you for this because I kept feeling like a jerkwad with chasing a score!

  14. THANK U SO MUCH!!!! AMUSING ADVICE..I REALLY NEED IT..I WAS TERRIFY FOR MY FIRST UWORLD SCORE. THANKS!!! how many times do you recommend to take the world?

  15. How many people can use uworld at the same time when they get a single subscription?

  16. THANK YOU for this video! I've been so nervous while doing UWorld because I'm using this one as my only studying tool, but I'm definitely learning a lot more by doing these questions and reading all of the rationales! It's really true! I'm taking my exam next Thursday, VERY nervous, but after this video, I'm a little more confident that I will pass my exam! Thank you for the encouraging words!

  17. Can Kaplan Qbook be equivalent to Uworld ?🌚 I got Kaplan should I still get uworld ?

  18. Thank you so much for this video. I felt discouraging and stepped away from the test. Now I feel confident.

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