Don't buy a GSM module, use your old phone!

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GSM modules can be expensive, but using an old phone is free, you can see where I’m going with this, plus its technically recycling.

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  1. Seems there was a little frustration from my subscribers regarding the video title and video content. I have read all the comments and definitely see everyone's point regarding the not actually functioning like a GSM module, I did mention this in the video but perhaps I wasn't clear. The point of this project is not to replace a GSM module with a smart phone but rather to use a smart phone for a similar purpose, I do see that the title was misleading in that regard and I do apologize for that. I do hope that some of you out there found this useful and I really do appreciate all your feedback. Thank you all.

  2. Yeah it was really a clickbait but I think that you gave us some good ideas to use a old phone in arduino projects. For example:
    – We cold use a old android phone and create an app to interprete and execute somenthing
    –> enconde/decode message
    –> interpeter message
    –> execute actions
    – We cold use the vibrator of the phone as a serial input to the Arduino
    I'dont know if it's doable but it's interisting, thank you for the video!

  3. Hey, why does arduino not interface with the USB more… never seen Arduino USB to phone connection…but it could do anything.

  4. I want to use it to open a gate with a sms but if someone know my phone number they can open it as well .. Easy but not secured

  5. I used a lot of (Nokia) phones for projects like alarms and remotely booting up and resetting a computer. Nowadays the modules are so cheap and sophisticated, that I wouldn't prefer an old phone. It draws much more power to and you can blow up the battery when it's connected to the power outlet all the time.

    Now I got an unlimited SMS plan and sent almost 500 messages in less then a week to test my new Arduino control by SMS (sim800L board).

  6. Can you still use this GSM as a source of communication or detector. Like for example we don't really have GSM that is why we tried using oldphones, we will like it if it detects sounds or movements the oldphone/GMS will send message to my new phone or the one that I'm carrying always, is that possible?

  7. its not working base on gsm.. it is a pure jugaar.. why using arduino the led can drive directly..
    led positive is connected to the positive terminal of vibration motor of cell phone and negative connected to the negative of motor..

  8. Is it possible to take advantage of the GSM Module of the mobile phone, as in your video, to make an arduino phone using some display, for example 2.8" or 3.2" tft display?
    There are some 'Phonecall' sketches but, they are not codes ready to make phone calls; Thanks

  9. I don't understand why you need arduino, when phones have all the things from it. It has processor, usb plus camera, gsm, touchscreen. Make arduino from your phone instead.

  10. Well, you could figure out what signal they key's sensor is looking for and run a line for each of those to an I/O. Then you just have to map the menu's, write a button sequence into a case for every function you want, and suddenly that one feature hack turns into an "anything that cellphone can do" hack. You could go a step further and set the phone notification to a single pulse (software debounced from the buzzer is fine) and program the arduino to listen for a certain period of time after receiving the first pulse and however many distinct pulses you can fit into that listen timeframe is the number of unique commands that you can remotely send it. Video/audio capture and storage, Audio play, text send, call, call relay, call transfer, gps report. Anything you can do via the keys.

  11. Great video, but another alternative with the same phone and with a lot of features is usisg a data cable connected to the arduino to send AT Commands. With that you are able to detect sms, open and send messages and filtering the received numbers for security.
    Ex: You want to control two thing like the coffe machine and the kitchen ligh, by sending a SMS "Switch on Coffe-Machine" or "Switch on Kitchen Light". The arduino will be listen via AT Commands the received SMS of the phone. Ih the received number doesen't match it will ignore the command and clear the message, if it match it will execute and sent back something like "Done!". Finally if command is not valid he will send back sommething like "unknone command".
    In the past I already did some things with that and sommenthing I like to use is some old 3G modems, they work great.

  12. Even though the title of this video is misleading, the solution presented here is very useful. It is a nice hack and can be useful in many situation. For example, you can laid the phone over a box with a microphone. So, with every ring, an Arduino can pickup the sound an turn on a light. This could be useful for elder people that can't hear the phone's ring.

  13. I have some mobile cameras. How to use it in Arduino.
    Only camera no other part is there any chance to use it

  14. is there any way or solution that the old phone can send sms to you? Like connecting a GPS module then pass the data from the module to the old phone then sends that data sms to you? Just wondering if its possible.

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