Does Low Power Mode Work? Does It Actually Save iPhone Battery Life? The Truth!

David and David explain whether or not Low Power Mode works and actually saves iPhone battery life. Low Power Mode “reduces or affects” these features: Push Mail, Hey Siri, visual effects like Reduce Motion, Auto-Lock, Background App Refresh, Automatic Downloads, and iCloud Photos.

Turning on Low Power Mode will save iPhone battery life, but there are better ways. For example, we don’t recommend turning off Background App Refresh for every app.

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  1. I just got my iPhone 11 pro 2 months now, i switched from an android, so i was using low power mode all day whatever the battery’s level, today i noticed that my battery health dropped by 1% from 100% to 99%, i don’t use my phone while charging and i always keep my brightness down to 40% or even lower when i’m inside, when i asked one of my friends who is a repair phone guy he told me that lower power mode might’ve been the cause to this, so just a warning from me, stop using low power mode just incase of very very urgent moments ! Have a good day ☺️

  2. Your wrong about push/fetch for email. Push is always on anyways, it's a constant connection between APNs (apples servers) and your device, without this constant connection (when your device is internet connected) you would not get any instant notifications from any app.

    So, you opting for fetch instead of push for email does nothing, it just adds another task of waking the phone at an interval to fetch email, the push connection is still always live, no matter what apps you use and no matter what settings you change.

    The connection is between apple and your device, never between you and an e-mail server, so all apps that want to send a notification has to send their update to apple, and then apple sends a packet through that open connection they keep between their server and your device. It's a perfectly optimized system.

  3. Does anyone charge their iPhone up from say 25% to 100% in Low Power Mode or do you turn it off while charging & why??

  4. One thing I do just due to being on a Mint mobile 3 gig data plan and to save a little battery is that my apps only background refresh if im on Wifi. If im out and about then chances are im driving, at work or just busy in general and dont need any of that running any how. I use to even switch on low power mode when at work just to preserve as much life as I can.

  5. Is it okay if I turn my phone to low power mode even if its in a 100% batt? My iphone really drain fast 😒

  6. Push mail is much better. Had it on for years. It’s in real time and uses less battery. Fetch can give you worse battery. Of corse the best is manual.

  7. Is it bad when you turn on low power save mode every day ? Its this gonna affect youre battery health?

  8. low power mode is one of the best features. i’m 14 years old so i don’t need to receive mails every second or constantly download things on the side. i actually even tested this a couple of weeks ago, and without low power mode my battery went from 100% to 0% in 3 hours and 50 mins but with low power mode my battery lasted for over 6 hours

  9. One can easily create personal automation in shortcuts for low power mode and set the condition to run when low power mode is on or off and set it to don't ask before running.

  10. You guys are great! I recently subscribed and so did my sister! 👍🏽❤️

  11. I turn off low power mode when I’m charging my phone but, other than that, it stays on. The issue I’ve got (with a 3 year old phone) is when the battery drains very quickly when it’s out in the cold. Went from 15-3% in super quick time earlier today.

  12. To each their own but I live in low power mode and do not disturb mode – and they get turned off when I'm expecting something. For all others, they can either wait or try and get off the spam list.

  13. I have an old Iphone-5. My camera kills my battery after a few minutes. I use the low power mode automatically when I want to take pics and or videoes. Should I bother?

  14. Davids, thanks for the fetch tip which I got in your older videos. I set it to 1 hour since I am not in any position to reply to any email ASAP.

  15. For people who love low power mode and want to make it on all the time. You can go to Shortcuts then go to the Automations tab and you can set battery to low power mode when toggle is switched on/off and it will be in low power mode indefinitely. 😉

  16. I have watched so many videos about fixing batteries life problems but nobody tell the truth

  17. Is it true taking Facebook app off iPhone save battery life ?
    I loose battery life very quickly

  18. Im glad i found this channel now my iphone is a bit faster and has a better battery life and i saved i little bit more storage

  19. What happens when you put your mail to ”manual”? Does it update when I go in on-demand?

  20. I disagree we don’t need background app refresh for anything and I still get all the updates I want and I was following you but since you can’t even answer a question your done

  21. Works for me while I’m at work and not using my phone. Even if I close all my apps ..before my battery would deplete while phone not in use. Now I turn on Low bat mode when I get to work .

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