Do More w/ Your Android Phone – 10 Tips & Tricks!

In this video we talk about 10 simple tips that you can implement to get the most out of your Android Smartphone!
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We have some tips for improving battery life, others for automating various phone services and also some cool apps that help you do a bunch of interesting stuff!

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  1. Where can download the motion wallpaper in 0:52? I was using Note 10+, I like clean wallpaper like this

  2. I turned off force gpu rendering after u said that it consumes battery will it be still be unsafe after i turned taht off as u said in the video

  3. Haha I had tried Force GPU rendering in my Asus 6z and the video is not visible in Netflix and Amazon prime but audio is coming. Already the problems for phone are increasing because of Asus worst updates I thought one more is up. Somehow realised about this setting change and sorted it out😂😂..

  4. I would recommend fluid navigation over navigation gestures. It's more modern, easy to set up, and more intuitive. Only thing is you need to disable navigation bar using ADB commands

  5. 0:28 if you use force GPU rendering i don't know is it only in my phone or what but Netflix won't stream only the audio will play and if you turn it off it will be fine again.
    My device is OnePlus 6t

  6. I'm using redmi k20 pro it's have a Poco launcher I hate that launcher how to remove this app draw

  7. Just a suggestion, it would be more convenient to use a cross platform password manager if you switch to a different OS, something like LastPass, which is completely free

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