Do Girls Like Boys with IPHONE or ANDROID ? | Dating Tips | iOS vs Android | Quick Reaction Team

Do Girls Like Boys with IPHONE or ANDROID ? – is the latest QRT Social Experiment video .
Pranoy from quick reaction team asked college students some dating tips and funny iq test & funny riddles.



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Independence Day 2018…


  1. Now ask girls about Ios, A13 bionic chip, CPU, GPU, Nits, Resolution etc…

    99.99 + 0.1 % ladkio ko pata hii nhi hoga ki ye sab hai kya….
    Aur camera ke baare mai poochoge toh bas ek cheez kahengi ki jitne zaida MPs utna aacha camera….

  2. Hey bro ask them..
    There is one city and one state,
    One is in india and one is in U.S,
    If the names got replaced to each other what will be the names
    Both the names start with Letter 'N'

    Answer -Noida – Sounds like a english name
    And Nevada – Sounds like a indian name

  3. Poor guy will earn money some days by his hardwork so not judging him over money. Money isn't everything.In India 100% Girls & their parents want rich guys

  4. Sir thousand time bol.chuka hu aapka jo topic hota h usi per vdo banao yr topic change q kr dete ho…iphone se sidhe head pe chale gaye…yr..thatswhy unsbcrbe ur channel.

  5. Bhai loog . tippu sultan o hastii hai jooo angrejoo ke nak me dam kardea tho ! Google karlo MYSORIAN ROCKETS πŸš€ DEKO PATA CHALE GA TIPPU KON HAI KYA HAI ! He was father of rocket technology

  6. I don't get it ,we don't even pay attention or select guys according to their phone.πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ Not all gold diggers can be generalized as girls.

  7. My father wanted to buy me an iphone but I chose samsung cause iphone is a liability AKA bad investment.

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