(DKC Automation) Voice-controlled Home Automation with Android (Tasker, AutoVoice, and more…)


Using Tasker plugins AutoVoice and AutoRemote to control a Micasaverde Home Automation gateway and Google TV.

Edit 6/6/14: We have launched a new AutoVera Starter Kit:

For more information visit:



  1. امتحان هنوز نکردک ولی من برای کپبایلم فقط میخواهم ولی اگر خانه هم تحت امر باشه چه حالی میده

  2. The only problem is … I think…. It's not AI so u have to explitcly write out each command

  3. Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of home automation on my blog at dennisreviews. com/home-automation-review/ Thanks, Reese.

  4. Have this guy make a commercial for Android, and Apple will lose half its value.

  5. Now there's "Ok Google" everywhere which makes it a hell lot easier!

  6. Hello,
    I'm just wondering how do you chain commands in Tasker? Like "Command1 AND command 2"
    Thanks 🙂

  7. anyone knows which phone he has ? i thougt its an lg g2 or g3 but it has a red led on the bottom so it cant be

  8. Honestly It seemed cool at first and thought it was cute the addition of Portal Bot Voice. Maybe cause he is doing it all in succession or something but it just rubbed me the wrong way… I don't honestly find ANY use for it except if you are entertaining someone romantically… "Dim lights and put on the Barry White."

  9. Looks great. Now put microphones around the house that are always listening to 'ok google" or "Ok jarvis".

  10. Wow, thats fantastic!!! I will definitively intergrate some of that cool things in my house. Everyone in my house is using Android devices from smartphones and tables to android tv boxes and chromecast, so it should intergrate well.

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