DJI Osmo Pocket beginners guide | tips and tricks | english tutorial



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Hello YouTube watchers and welcome to a short tutorial about the DJI OSMO POCKET. I will explain you the gimbal step by step. If you have any open questions, make sure to state a comment below.

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+++ CONTRAS +++


Melanie & Daniel, Roberto & Alissa, Akbar und Fabian



  1. Great tutorial. I just purchased the osmo pocket and was considering just reading the manual but you've explained everything I need to know very nicely. Thank you very much.

  2. when I playing the video that I recorded on osmo Pocket, I can not hear the voice from that video. Is it normal or something wrong with it?

  3. I stopped watching this video to go find the ENGLISH version, i feel like i just called customer service and I'm now irritated

  4. When I use this camera in outside for vloging, like that road, mountain, so on that time can I add a extra microphone on this camera?

  5. None of these things work on my osmo. The screen doesn't come on at all and none of the commands you did work. I would try it on the phone, but I have zero usb-c devices.

  6. Question: is it possible to controll the camera thrue Bluetooth. Without cables or dirrect connect to the dji?

  7. Great video. I am considering buying one soon Do you know is the update about WiFi and the pro mode in video Hans allready taken Place…

  8. So is it still worth it to get in november 2019? Any news on pocket 2 release?

  9. I bought mine today and I really love it but I have a question. While walking, there was a shake when I watch the video. Do you think that it is normal or should I walk slower when I record the video?

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