DJ Livestreaming Software & Apps – 8 You Need To Know (Mac/PC/iOS/Android)

Discover the best software to use for DJ livestreaming (and what NEVER to use)… whether you want to livestream from your Mac or Windows computer, iOS/iPadOS device, or Android phone/tablet. In this video we’ll explain why you need such software, and talk you through our top choices from the many options out there – OBS, Ecamm Live, and all the rest.

So why do you need software? Well, the software sits between your camera and audio and the platform or platforms you want to broadcast to. It…


  1. Hey Phil ! Any way to get audio sorted for DJ controllers that have one master out without any audio interface like the irig or the rode cables ? Any possible way to get obs to receive the audio from master out for better audio instead of depending on the mic of a phone or laptop?

  2. Wirecast, yes it is expensive but for you to say DJs shouldn’t using it is crazy! By far well easier than OBS to use! I feel your wrong on that point… MULTIPLATFORM streaming all in one don’t need to use or pay for restream… Look at my videos… wirecast….

  3. Great video thanks Phil. I'm using Manycam which is capable of multiple streams. Although despite my Mixcloud saying I was live, I could not get any visuals or sound. Manycam can however go live with Facebook and YouTube and Instagram (via Yellow Duck) simultaneously (you have to add the keys everytime for Instagram) but cannot display feed comments. Although these can be displayed on a different device or web tab. Hope that helps.

  4. For streaming to instagram there’s also but I’m not sure about the legalities of Yellow Duck and and worry that your instagram account might get blocked for not using the app the way it’s intended. It’s in the small print in the instagram terms.

  5. i had O.B.S but it wouldnt find a server.I went to Streamlabs O.B.S and not only does it work but it works with just my Mac Book Pro and after a bit of tweaking of my computer etc i got a good stream with no crunching or freezing or crashing.My mixing needs some work as i have not practiced much recently and i need to practice but Streamlabs works very well

  6. Streamlabs for me! Love Xsplit but my capture card is not compatible and Broadcaster is too complex for me!

  7. so question i have a MacBook air and im trying to live stream using the same and only laptop I've got along with my serato software but the computer is cutting my music out. how can i go around that?

  8. I tried using Streamlabs from mobile but for the life of me I couldn't get it to pick up external audio. It would only use the phone's built in mic, which is just out of the question. Hopefully there's a solution to this that I just missed but if I'm right then it's not a good solution for mobile devices.

  9. I am both hands for Ecamm too, I was googling how to stream by using DSLR and got to your website where read about it. Now can use my Canon 5D MkIII with L lenses and have awesome video quality. The only downside they don't let stream to multiple sources at the same time, todo that need to get another subscription on restream. So just to stream cost around 30$ per month.

  10. Great video ! I was a tad confused on which software to use. Can't wait to start streaming my DJ sets next month. Cheers ! 🍻

  11. THX for another great video, Phil. I want to stream to my own WordPress site, not social platforms. I mix with virtualDJ & a Pioneer DDJ but I don't have the VDJ PRO version that includes music service. I have a good IT background so I know how to setup ports & etc. Your suggestions are welcome!

  12. Phil can you PLEASE show us how to live stream with a guest DJ? The only way I've heard is to pay for Zoom Webinar and that is so expensive

  13. How can I connect my Traktor S4 MK3 to OBS? I've tried your other connection video, but it's not working. Many thanks.

  14. Live-streaming is horrible. Copyright issues is nonsense. Which software blocks copyright flags? LOL

  15. Hey guys, any idea why my iphone camera working through the OBS app with a wired connection lags on twitch? I havent tried with anything else yet but wondered if you've encountered this yet. Annoying as it was £16!

  16. I have used a behringer xenyx 302 USB mixer with my android phone. On android you can go into developer options and select the USB interface as audio so the USB audio input now gets pumped on Instagram feeds or wherever from your phone!!!

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