DIY Wooden stick mobile Tripod making at home

this video how to make a simple wood stick mobile tripod at home using wood bar stick and the silicone cover for my mobile phone. tripod rotate in 2-axis direction only
Download detail and more image & diagram –
the component is using
1) wood bar stick
2) phone silicone…


  1. Nice attempt brother…. but i think the phone will fall down by the weight of phone

  2. Esta muy mal hecho. Con el uso, esos tornillos se volceran sueltos y el celular se caera constantemente, ademas que su base es muy pequeña, lo cual no permitira que el brazo se mueva libremente

  3. Consider the weight of mobile or it will goes down cause it can't bear the weight of mobile!! Btw nice idea fam!

  4. I made it by myself thanks to woodprix plans. I think it's the best way to learn how to build.

  5. I am not sure abt this ,can u show by holding yours mobile,it will come automatically down when we put mobile,
    But good work friend. 👍

  6. Bhai mene banaya lekin isme jo niche ka weight jo hai vo kam hai aur uski vajah se mobile tik nahi raha please kuch solution batao

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