DIY How to install BMW X1 E84 10.25" Android Screen Navigation Backup camera

4×4 Shop Canada is a Canadian based company that designs, manufactures, and distributes car video interfaces to add multiple cameras or Apple CarPlay/Android auto to factory head units, OEM fit Android multimedia screens, Tesla style head units, roof or rear entertainment systems, Video-In-Motion and rear, front and side cameras, dash cams (DVR), remote starters to expand the electronics capabilities of vehicles. Our goods & services are exported to around 40 countries worldwide. The vital…


  1. Hello, just can have sound whit aux? For exemple, listening radio and the commentaries of GPS in the car speakers it s possible?

  2. Hello from the US. How much would this cost if I took it to a stereo specialty? The place I went to said it was going to cost between $ 3500-4500. Does that seem right? I don’t want to get ripped off. (TIA)

  3. Great video. Is there anyway you can show the installation of the reverse camera wire. It looks like it might be complicated. Don’t want to attempt without seeing first. Any chance?

  4. This kind of android radios are shit! I have one and:
    – when I turn the car ignitionon there is a black screen until I press some button on the CIC or I press screen few times

    – screen is not anti glare – when sun is shining you can't see anything on the screen!!!
    – There is no FM radio station on it, you must use original radio not aux imput!

    – When you click Media or Radio on the CIC remote the watch appers on screen and you can't get out with back or menu button, you must click on the display to get out of the watch screen
    – DVR is not working – not right app installed
    – reverse function sometimes shows reverse camera, other time not showing anyting
    – CIC remote not working when you are in the IGO navigation…you can press back, but you must confirm on the screen because on the CIC remote confirmation not working
    – CIC remote that came with the radio is poor quality, you must press hard middle button to work
    – with this radio you have much work in the car – this is not comfort radio to drive and enyoj because half of functions are not working…
    DO NOT BUY!!!

  5. Why do you have to plug in the front the AUX? Why not just use the connector on the back of the Aux so it looks clean and you dont have a cable hanging out like that?

  6. Hello! How about sound quality, is this simple connection via AUX giving the same sound as the original sound (via CD, USB)?

  7. Can you please make a step by step tutorial. It looks like you skipped a few steps on the video. I got lost after you cut for the second part of the video. ☹

  8. This is wayyy too much work I’m
    Taking it to the mechanic lol

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