DIY How To install 10.25" Android Navigation GPS Backup camera 2008 BMW E70 X5 CCC Connection

4×4 Shop Canada is a Canadian based company that designs, manufactures, and distributes car video interfaces to add multiple cameras or Apple CarPlay/Android auto to factory head units, OEM fit Android multimedia screens, Tesla style head units, roof or rear entertainment systems, Video-In-Motion and rear, front and side cameras, dash cams (DVR), remote starters to expand the electronics capabilities of vehicles. Our goods & services are exported to around 40 countries worldwide. The vital…


  1. During the camera settings in the end of the video, it shows 360 camera. I have an aftermarket 360 camera system which I purchased at Amazon. Would it support it?

  2. Hi i have an issue on navigation not showing any information like my location maps, streets etc.. But i check the gps signal is good. Pls help

  3. Hey man nice video!!! I have the same in my BMW but know the Android system is blocked….doesn´t do nothing… i tryed to reset it but still freezing… went to store but they don´t help that much…they sayd that i had to make an update, to contact the company. But it came with the car when i bought it… any sugestion? thank you

  4. I got the sos error after installing this. How do i fix this?

  5. Great video, ¿you have a video install without back camera?

  6. hey your video was super intuitive in easy-to-understand I just bought a radio try to install it and it was the wrong one I was wanting to see if you have the right one for a 2012 BMW X6

  7. how well are the original iDrive functions retained?
    like if I loose pressure on a tyre, coolant is low… windshield washer fluid low, etc
    other things like oil level check, brake pads wear and scheduled services and inspection.
    also the notifications for faults like traction control fail, ABS fail..

  8. Hello,

    my original radio does not work anymore. iDrive works perfectly fine in the Android System.
    BUT not in the original Menu. It does not accept any turning or clicking. The original menu allows me now to push the iDrive controller into the 4 sides (left, right, top, buttom) it only allows me a long push and it switches the menu. But I cannot control anything in these 4 menus.

    I already tried to switch settings to iDrive_B oder iDrive_A but it only works in iDrive_A Mode. With B it doesn't work at all. Rear Parking sensors etc are working fine. Except the original iDrive menu. So I cannot listen to FM radio at all ! 🙁

  9. I really appreciate broo great explanation I did follow your instructions and I got it installed without any issues

  10. Thanks for your video, it's really interesting.
    I'd like to know if is there any possibility to insert an SD Card for GPS??

  11. Awesome tutorial! I have the same unit by avinusa installed in my 2008 BMW 128i with ccc. All works good BUT the original car interface. I contacted avin but they won’t respond. I recently had a flat tire but was unable to locate which was was bad. So I cant get into the original car menu. Do you know how I might be able to fix this issue? I need help badly! Let me know if you might know of a fix and I can even make a video of the problem. Please help!!!

  12. Thanks for your video, I have a problem with my device, after installing, there is some noise on media player , how could I solve this issues??

  13. Hi, I'm about to order one of these from you guys, I have some questions, is the Aux connection absolutely needed to use the non OEM side of this unit? Also, if I don't install the aux, would I be able to use any of the functions that this unit offer on the OEM side such as Bluetooth streaming? I want to keep the OEM interface but would love to use the Bluetooth for music. Is that an option? Thanks, I'll await your reply before ordering one.

  14. what if I have GPS stock on my car?? do I really need to connect the OEM GPS antenna anyway? also,​ I have stock backup camera​, how do I connect that?

  15. I installed the screen today but the rear camera doesn't work. Everything works perfect backup sensors everything except the camera.

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