Demo: CI/CD with GitLab

Product Manager Joshua Lambert shows how easy it is to set up a new project with CI/CD in GitLab, helping you to ship better features, faster.

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GitLab CI/CD is available on GitLab Community Edition (CE) and GitLab Enterprise Edition (EE).

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  1. Came here looking for an explanation of how the .gitlab-ci.yml file works. We see the file for about 1-minute, but no real explanation of its contents and how it affects what happens. While I appreciate seeing how to use the merge-request flow, I would like to know how to setup one of these yml files in my environment and customize its behavior. I've been struggling to find an appropriate tutorial for that.

  2. This video is very misleading. You show a Dockerfile but no explanation about how the gitlab-ci.yml file actually uses it. All the build stage does is run "command build". What the hell is that?? I hate it when they gloss over important details like that.

  3. What are those whispers in the background? They're telling me to do things. Is this part of the tutorial? I don't want to push anyone down the stairs. Are you sure that enables CI/CD?

  4. Yeah,everything seems very simple.That is because you already know all the tools Joshua.Thanks for the effort though.

  5. WHY is there no "..WITH KUBERNETES" in the title? Why do every beginners stuff have to start with kubernetes and gazillions of modules?
    IMO, there should be a video showing a simple example with CI on gitlab itself and a simple CD to some very basic hosting
    I am the only one or anybody else agrees with this too?

  6. Is this hosted on gitlab, on openshift in the kubernetes stuff, or it has a server or cloud connected, like heroku or smth?

  7. Great explanation, thank you. Is there documentation with step-by-step for this process someplace?

  8. His tone feels fake. Stick to the facts. This is why as a North American I do not like many North American. Too emotional. Cannot focus with this story telling fake jarbel.

  9. Having stuff on kubernetes is great, but I'd love to see a video using CI/CD deploying to a more traditional hosting environment, since that is what most of our customers will be using.

  10. Where is the code running/deployed? Is it within gitlab itself or something like AWS? How do you configure credentials to deploy your artifacts?

  11. Thanks! But the sound is just tooo low. Can't really hear what it's being said!

  12. Wow, this is amazing. Great job!

    Is there an API to run continuous integration / deployment for a project?

    How would you compare this service with Heroku's Platform API for deploying apps? They seem really similar.

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