Learn how to use the DDJ-RB’s performance pads to trigger one shots and loops from rekordbox dj’s Sampler. Create sample sequences and then play them …


  1. alguem pode me ajudar pfv , quando eu pressiono os pads de marcações eles estão com um leve atraso , como faço pra voltar ao normal ???

  2. Help me I can't sync my samples with my song on the deck…
    Exemple: deck song at 150BPM & the samples at 128BPM
    How I can sync it ?

  3. Anyone able to tell me how to remove the 8 pads that appear for the sampler? Accidentally put them on my interface and haven’t got as much space as I had before when they weren’t on the screen? I like having just the fx pads but now the sampler pads take up too much space? Anyone know have to remove them please??

  4. is there a particular reason why I can't use the "Sync" Button to get my samples at the same bpm as my songs? it just won't let me activate it and tempo also won't react in any way if I switch to another bpm manually 🙁

  5. how do i record a particular sampler ?
    how do i cut a song according to my sampler requirement ?

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