DBD mobile- Killers and survivor Beginners Guide- Dead by Daylight Mobile iOS/Android tips and trick

This is my Dead by daylight mobile beginners guide, if you guys enjoyed this video plz don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more.

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  1. ( can go up to 720p so if you are getting a bad quality you might want to increase it manually) I’ve been editing this video for the past 16 hours, hope you guys enjoy it, tried my best to be as fluent as possible but if you are having a hard time understanding me plz turn on subtitle:)

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  2. The problem is the lunge. If a surv can juke/360 , you cant hit them as killer. Because when you lunge you cant control your aim anymore with the mobile control scheme. So you cant adjust your aim while you lunge. Once survs learn this, they cant be hit anymore and this game is useless

  3. I have a question, I signed in as a guest account and bought some auric cells, if I delete it and redownload will I still have the auric cells?

    Also if I create an account will all of the progress I have on the guest account save?

  4. Never camp a pallet, it's only good when the loop is an unsafe one or if you dont feel comfortable. Camping gives the killer more time for gen control otherwise if the survivor looped the pallet it wouldve wasted more time giving the others to complete the gens. Time is very important in dead by daylight.

  5. How come your in your gameplay the killer has red light/stain, i dl'd mine a few days ago and the killers dont glow red light on their face which makes it really hard for me to pallet loop them.

  6. I have a problem where I can't buy any auric cells do you know how to fix that I'm on android

  7. Hey you! Yes, you! Your killer noob camper !! watch Element-G videos and stop camping your Noob

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